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10 life hacks you may not have known

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Life hacks have become very popular, with people showcasing different ways anyone can make a hard task less time consuming.

A life hack is a shortcut or trick that people often use to improve efficiency and complete tasks quicker.

Through the power of the internet, we are able to connect and share our ideas with people millions of miles away, learning new techniques that we may never have thought about to complete tedious tasks.

If you find it hard to remove stickers, find a lost item or fix some wobbly furniture, here are a few life hacks that you can use.

1. Fixing wobbly furniture

When we buy furniture, we often spend a pretty penny on the purchase. So it is very heartbreaking when we have to dig back into our pockets to fix a broken chair or a table that has one leg shorter than the other.

Though we can’t give you a life hack to fix the broken chair, Our Today has discovered that coins can be used to fix that unleveled table that drives you crazy.

Coins come in various sizes, thickness and are very durable. If you have a table or chair leg that is a tab bit too short, simply grab a coin that is of the desired thickness and hot glue it to the foot of the table or chair. One coin not good enough? Just add another until that table stops wobbling!

2. Bringing ‘dead’ markers back to life

(Photo: The Family Handyman)

When the transition from blackboard to whiteboard was made, the thought of using a whiteboard marker would often bring so much joy to little kids. They would often draw flowers, scribbles or random shapes, just having the time of their life.

But like many adults, they sometimes forget to put the caps back on, leaving the markers to dry out and lose their colour.

If making multiple trips to the bookshop is not something you want to have on your to-do list, remove the tab at the back of the marker and pour a little rubbing alcohol in the tube. Close the tab and then shake the marker to ensure the alcohol is absorbed. This life hack will bring back the colour to those dead markers.

3. DIY wood filler

(Photo: The Family Handyman)

Are you guilty of allowing Pinterest to drive the down the rabbit hole of DIY tasks? Well, this life hack might just be for you.

If you are working on a home project and you need to fill the holes in a piece of wood to give it a clean finish, mix some wood or Elmer’s glue with sawdust on a paper plate. Then take the mixture and use it to fill the holes.

When painted or stained, the filled section might look slightly different from the rest of the wood, but this is an easy fix that can save you some coins.

4. Removing white shoe stains

(Photo: The Family Handyman)

No matter how hard you try, it very difficult to keep white shoes sparkly clean and free of stains. For whatever reason dust, dirt and all the food substances known to man are seemingly ‘attracted’ to white shoes, ruining their clean exterior.

If soap and water cannot fix them, try smearing a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your shoe and lightly scrubbing the stained area. Toothpaste is good for keeping our teeth pearly white, who’s to say you can’t use it on your shoe as well?

Just keep in mind that the ingredients in toothpaste may vary. To avoid ruining your shoe, test it out on a small patch first.

5. Sharpen knives with a mug

(Photo: The Family Handyman)

It is often said that a person is not a good chef without a sturdy and sharp set of knives that could cut through meat, tough vegetables and cans if needed.

But knives go dull and cutting through vegetables become a tedious task.

Like many other household tools, knives are expensive! But if you have a ceramic mug, you can bring that dull blade back to life.

Most ceramic mugs have a flat, unglazed ring at the bottom that is the perfect surface for giving that dull knife or blade a quick sharpening. Just tilt your knife at a 45-degree angle and rub it against the ring. Now you are ready to Fruit Ninja those tomatoes.

6. Remove stickers

(Photo: The Family Handyman)

Have you ever placed a sticker at the back of your laptop, on a door or even the kitchen fridge and regret your action because now it is a pain to remove? Well this hack is for you.

To remove the shiny and colourful items with minimal ripping and adhesive residue, use a hair dryer and putty knife or ruler.

The hair dryer will soften the adhesive and you can use the ruler or knife to peel away that smiley face or star sticker.

7. Clean paint on carpet

(Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Painting a wall or piece of furniture can be very satisfying, but also very messy. No matter how much newspaper you put on the floor or carpet, there is always that one spot that gets painted.

If you drop your paint brush on the carpet and think your carpet is now ruined, think again! A life hack for this problems says that if you pour some denatured alcohol onto a rag and scrub, you can get rid of the paint.

Now you won’t have to think about buying a new carpet because of your butter fingers.

8. Fix watered-down drinks

(Photo: Tipsy bartender)

There is nothing better than a nice cold beverage on a hot day to cool down the body’s temperature and refresh yourself. But that magical feeling can quickly go south if the drink lacks flavour because there is too much ice.

When ice melts, it turns to water, diluting that sweet, tangy flavour in beverages that we love so much.

To prevent this from happening, make ice cubes from your favourite drink and replace them with water cubes. That way, when the ice melts, it won’t dilute the drink!

9. How to test battery life

Unlike the batteries in our phone, there is really no way to tell if a physical battery is dead, you just have to test it and see.

But testing multiple batteries to find the one with the right amount of juice can be very annoying.

If you drop batteries onto a table and they bounce once and fall over, they’re good. If they bounce more than once, they’re probably dead or on the way out.

10. Clean shower head

There is a lot of chlorine that is placed in the water that we use to wash, cook and clean on a daily basis. This can sometimes leave annoying marks on shower heads and pipes that are hard to get off.

If you are unsure how to get rid of the stain, this life hack is good for you.

Pour some vinegar in a bag and tie it around your shower head. Come back the next day and it’ll be clean as a whistle!

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