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5 things to know about Salada Foods General Manager, Tamii Brown

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Tamii Brown, general manager at Salada Foods Jamaica Limited. (Photo: Contributed)

Tamii Brown, general manager of Salada Foods Jamaica Limited, is without a doubt a multifaceted individual. This wife and mother of two has amassed over 17 years of experience in marketing, leadership and export management.

Brown’s first year in the role saw Salada Foods report record numbers. Notably, operating profit improved and the stakeholder payout was the highest the listed company has seen.

However, when Brown isn’t leading the charge at one of Jamaica’s largest manufacturers, she takes great care in balancing her many hats and unwinding.

Here are five things to know about Salada Foods General Manager Tamii Brown.

Farmer Brown!

As busy as the manufacturing leading lady gets, on the weekends she is an avid garden farmer. Brown isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty one bit as she enjoys growing broccoli, kale, and cooking herbs.

“I enjoy farming, I love getting my hands into the soil and being able to start from seeds to produce that I can use in my kitchen to make my family healthy, it’s an impactful and fun accomplishment,” Brown shared.

She kicks start every day exercise

We all know by now that being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, and improve your ability to do everyday activities. 

Noting some of these benefits personally, Brown starts each day with this key activity to get her day going.

“I wake up at about 4 am each morning. I like to start my day off with a walk or run to clear my mind. I go walking with my husband as it allows us to converse and discuss family matters as well as happenings in the workplace. This helps to prepare me for the day ahead,” Brown said.

Her first job was in Toronto

The York University graduate obtained her first degree in Toronto, Canada. To afford her independence while studying, she worked throughout her university career. Her first opportunity was in the fast-food industry.

“My first job was at a sandwich shop called Mr Sub in Toronto. I was on the assembly line, where I started at the front adding on the condiments and later graduated to the end of the assembly line where I was entrusted to cut, review and finally bag the sandwiches,” Brown recalled.

Her parents are her biggest role models!

Inspired by the example set by her loving parents, Brown credits them for the fundamentals they taught in her youth that continue to guide her life until this day.

“My role models are my parents and I know that that may seem very standard and cliche but if you met my parents, I think that you would understand. My parents, Trevor and Althea, have set the stage for me in dispelling limiting beliefs,” Brown said.

“They started a business together, a business that they started from nothing, a business that put three of their daughters through college. Throughout that experience, I noted the example set for ethics, integrity, how to treat people and human decency,” she added.

Beach lover!

On the weekends, during her leisure time, Brown is keen on indulging in the benefits of island life.

“On the weekends my favourite place to be is on the beach, I love being anywhere near water. It helps me to decompress when I need to take a minute to recharge and refresh for what’s ahead,” said Brown.


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