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5 things to know about marketing manager Yanique Hall

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Yanique Hall, Marketing Manager at Innovative Limited.

Yanique Hall has been working in the marketing field for several years now, having secured a job with Innovative Systems Limited over a decade ago.

A sales and marketing manager is an experienced professional who works with an organisation’s leadership to develop a strategy to improve revenue and grow its customer base. Hall has been doing just that since 2016, when she was first appointed the position.

As a sales and marketing manager, Hall has a strong understanding of both traditional and digital marketing as well as branding methods which has allowed her to operate efficiently and effectively over the years.

Hall has blossomed in her role as marketing manager, sharing with Our Today that, “from 2016 to this financial year, monthly sales have increased by 400 per cent.”

Here are five things you might not have known about Innovative Systems, sales and marketing manager, Yanique Hall.

Climbing up the ladder!

Hall started working at Innovative as a University student, 15 years ago. She has worked in several positions over the years, namely customer service rep, sales representative, marketing representative, manager for the document centre, and corporate sales executive before landing the position as the sales and marketing manager for the company.

She’s Multitalented!

Talk about juggling! Hall has mastered the art of balancing her family and work lives with the pursuit of her dreams. 

Outside of Innovative Systems, Hall is a mother of one daughter, a realtor with Keller Williams Jamaica and an entrepreneur.

“I am a child of God first. Life requires great balance and it’s with God’s direction that I can navigate this life.”

A minimalist at most

Hall enjoys keeping things sweet and simple. She finds her peace by keeping things around her uncomplicated.

“I live my life as a minimalist. I only keep in my life the people and things that give me peace. Everything else I experience, once I’ve learnt the lesson, I let it go. I try to keep my mind clear and my life simple. This allows me to focus on the essential things in life.”

Family support system

Hall’s family means everything to her. Her family is also her biggest supporters.

“My biggest motivator for all I do is my family. I am the only one of four siblings (I have three brothers) blessed to attend University. My family has been my best support system and provides me with unconditional love and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Travel enthusiast/Nature lover!

Anything that as to with mother nature is a plus for Hall! When her ‘work world’ pauses for a bit, you will find her by the sea or somewhere outside of Jamaica experiencing other parts of this earth.

“Those moments ground me and remind me that what I do is so much bigger than me. By the sea, I find my peace. 


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