JAM | Nov 25, 2023

80th anniversary JLP conference will be a big bash this Sunday -Montague

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

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Member of Parliament Robert Montague addressing the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) central executive committee meeting at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Montego Bay, St James on July 17, 2022. (Photo: Facebook @jlpjamaica)

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) celebrates its 80th anniversary and the celebrations will be a hallmark of this Sunday’s (November 25) conference at the National Arena.

Speaking at an Editors’s briefing at the JLP’s headquarters on Belmont Road in Kingston, JLP chairman Robert Montague said: “ We will be bringing our supporters from the length and breadth of Jamaica to conference this Sunday. They’ll be coming to have a good time and to hear of the achievements of their party over the last eight years and more importantly they’ll be coming to hear the message from the party leader as to how we intend to engage the country going forward into the next 80 years.

“We are also going to have a local election next year and so we will be unveiling all our local government candidates who have been selected  through a democratic process leading up to this conference. So Sunday, November 26, is going to be a memoreable day. We are the governing party so we have a responsibility to update the nation of the plans and programmes for the country going forward.

Minister of Information Robert Morgan added: “ The JLP Conference is one of the most well-managed and well produced events in the Caribbean. I have been to other conferences in the region but we have put in a level of professionalism in our conference over the last few years which has taken it to another level. We have spent time focusing on logistics and crowd management. We have created new facilities for specially invited guests like the media who will be ell accommodated in their own area so that they can do their jobs.”

Morgan senses that the JLP is upbeatand well prepared to engage the populace and win the upcoming local government election as well as secure a third term at the next general election.

Robert Morgan emphasising a point during the editors’s briefing at the JLP’s headquarters on Belmont Road on November 23, 2023. (Photo: Facebook @jlpjamaica)

“There is high mobilisation in the constituencies. Many of us are pleasantly surprised by the level of enthusiasm that we are seeing out there, not just by the party faithful but by new persons. We have seen a rise in applications to join the JLP over the last six months. The JLP is strong, it is vibrant and stands on a positive platform. It stands on a legacy of achievement.”


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