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A day in the life … of a Jamaican cop: Sitting down with DSP Murdock

Tatyana Bromfield

Tatyana Bromfield / Our Today

Deputy Superintendent of Police Christopher Murdock.

From a tender age, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Christopher Murdock always had a strong sense of justice and a love for the judicial system.

He recounts the early days of watching the beloved cartoon Top Cat and likening himself to the character ‘Officer Dibble’.

Officer Dibble from Top Cat.

Today, as a father of two beautiful daughters, Murdock considers himself a family man.

Even in the role of leader and boss, he treats his subordinates with the same love and supervising hand of a father.

In the tradition of esprit de corps, Murdock is always there to offer advice, guidance and even stern correction when necessary.

“It’s like being on call,” Murdock joked.

DSP Christopher Murdock with his two daughters.

On Corruption

Like many in the force, even the thought of corruption and deceit disgusts Murdock.

“I can’t relate to them,” he shared.

He does not even consider those who stray from the good path his colleagues. He explicitly warns officers that, if they go astray, “Don’t call me Squaddy”.

As deputy superintendent, Murdock is constantly warning and reprimanding his subordinates, as he feels it is his duty to keep them clean, honest and safe.

He describes an instance where he saw a subordinate about to collect a bribe at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.

Luckily enough, Murdock caught him before the transaction was complete. From there he was able to deal with the matter justly.

Even Murdock himself was approached with a bribe. He recalls an instance in St Ann where he was offered $20,000 to drop a case.

He declined and then detained the person offering the bribe.

On His Daughters

As a police officer for many years, being exposed to some of the most wicked of criminals, it can be hard rearing your children.

When asked how this affects his relationship with them, Murdock stated: “I keep them close to me. I try to be their friend… and whenever they come to me, I don’t turn them away.”

Murdock, just like every parent, wants his children safe. It’s an attribute that carries over into his daily duties as a deputy superintendent at the Half-Way Tree Police Station in St Andrew.


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