| Apr 11, 2023

A real gem : The story of how Erica Jacques built  ‘Boasy Accessories’

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Erica Jacques, owner and operator of Boasy Accessories. (Photo: Contributed)

The beginning of a timeless legacy is how Erica Jacques describes her business. Jacques, a 27-year-old mother of two is the owner and operator of Boasy Accessories, a registered online-based custom jewelry business that she started by chance in 2019.

“I started my business in 2019 just before the coronavirus became a pandemic. At first, I was just doing it to pass the time but as time progressed, my passion for it grew. I love jewelry and my sister encouraged me to look into the custom jewelry industry–and the rest is history.”

Jacques reminisced on how her first few personalised pieces made her customers happy and credit them as one of the driving forces that contribute to how she stays motivated. 

(Photo: Contributed)

“My customers are top tier, they make Boasy accessories unique, and they make me want to continue in this business. The turnaround time for orders takes three-five weeks and while that seems like a long time to wait, when the items are delivered, it warms my heart to see how they make my customers happy.”

Boasy Accessories has indeed grown– almost three years in and over 3,000 orders and counting– as well as supplying both the local and international markets, Jacques continues to look for ways to grow her business so that she can leave a legacy for her children. The seasoned saleswoman and jeweler lament that she has gotten this far in business through faith in God, manifestation, and words of encouragement from friends.

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“I’m a strong believer in manifesting and speaking positively over my business. I don’t refer to Boasy Accessories as a ‘small business’, this is my big business, and it is full of potential. The more I remain optimistic, the more I yield good results.”

Currently, Boasy Accessories provides a wide range of customixed jewelry and other items with their storefront located on Instagram at @boasy_accesories.

“We customise everything. If you’re looking for a personalised necklace, anklet, bracelet, watch, wallet, or phone case–if you name it, then we can do it. All our pieces of jewelry are made from hypoallergenic materials, and they are long-lasting– a truly good investment for a personalised piece.”

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Despite being online based, Boasy Accessories plans on taking the business on the road with the first of many pop-up shops at the Cecil Charlton Park in Mandeville on April 14, 2023, with hopes of popping up in other parishes in the future to boost her business’s local presence as well as provide budding entrepreneurs with tips on how to break into the jewelry business.

“I can’t wait to go out and meet the people who have made Boasy Accessories a success. This is the beginning of many good things from my Boasy Accessories, and I want to share everything I’ve learned. For me, the end goal is to help someone else and to continue to put smiles on my customers’ faces.”

Jacques shared that a lot of what she knows now is through the guidance and support of other trailblazers in the industry and so she wants to empower other entrepreneurs too. She expressed that everyone has something unique to add, and it is that uniqueness that will make their business different from others who might share the same market space.


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