Jamaica | Mar 15, 2023

Adtelligent and Partn&rs forge ground breaking partnership

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From left, front row: Jose Antonio Mesones, creative director of  Partn&rs Ltd, and Craig Powe, CEO of Adtelligent Ltd, shake hands to seal their partnership agreement. Back row, from left: Alejandro Agois, commercial director of Partn&rs Ltd, and Sheldon Powe, CEO  of Innovate 10X  share in the moment. (Photo: Contributed)

Adtelligent Limited, a leading digital marketing agency based in Jamaica, and Partn&rs Ltd, a renowned digital marketing firm located in Peru, announced a joint partnership to sell their services in their respective markets.

The CEOs, Craig Powe of Adtelligent and Alejandro Agois of Partn&rs, made the announcement last month in Peru.

This venture is expected to immediately double their service capacity, as well as their presence. Both offices will serve as satellite offices for their respective companies, providing the full range of Adtelligent and Partn&rs product services. This is a new approach being taken by medium-sized service companies who seek to expand into Latin America without incurring the expense of establishing a new office.

With the help of Partn&rs’ Latin America branding expertise and Adtelligent’s English-speaking diaspora focused marketing skills, the partnership is expected to provide cutting-edge branding services for Jamaica. Partn&rs has routinely delivered rebranding services for companies in excess of US$1 Billion in revenue, as the Peruvian market is much larger in scale than Jamaica.

In addition, the companies said the partnership strengthens Adtelligent’s ability to support their Spanish-speaking clients by providing back office support for their endeavors. With their joint understanding of the region, the partnership can also offer a stronger and more comprehensive marketing service to regional buyers

“With their expertise in branding and our experience in laser targeted digital ads, we can provide our clients with a complete package and take their brands to the next level. These guys are light years ahead of what I have seen in the local market, and to make our products export ready we really have to be thinking about brand strategy,” said Powe.

Echoing the same sentiments, Agois said the “partnership with Adtelligent Limited will allow us to expand our reach into the Jamaican and the Caribbean market and offer his clients branding services to help them to level up their brand identity so they really stand out amongst their competitors. We’ve been going through the client list and working on pitches and can’t wait to integrate into this market.”

Latin America conference in the works

To launch this partnership, Partn&rs and Adtelligent are planning a conference in May entitled ‘KEYS TO LATAM: Unlocking the potential of Latin America’.

The conference will see experts flying in from all across Latin Americas to host a summit that will walk customers through identifying an exportable product, branding it, reaching customers, logistics, shipping and inventory management, grants and financing.

Metry Seaga, president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) said it was supportive of such a conference that will allow private sector companies the opportunity to explore the Latin Amercias market.

Metry Seaga, president of the PSOJ, said the partnership was exactly what the market needs.

“The Latin Americas market is hard to enter, and I would also love to find out how I can have partners representing my company and how we can work together on this conference,” said Seaga.

The two companies will share insights on unlocking the potential of the Latin American market, highlighting the benefits such as increased trade opportunities with larger economies, boosting economic growth, and promoting tourism, among other advantages. 


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