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All-electric Nissan X-Trail e-Power to transform driving experience in Jamaica

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Fidelity Motors Limited, an automotive distributor in Jamaica, proudly introduces the highly anticipated Nissan e-POWER X-Trail, setting new standards in the industry on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

Jamaican automotive distributor, Fidelity Motors Limited, unveiled its groundbreaking, all-electric Nissan X-Trail e-Power at an exclusive regional launch event held on Tuesday (June 20) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Taking attendees on a journey of the evolution of the X-Trail model – from its genesis through to present-day – this launch marked the Japanese brand’s first-of-its-kind electric-powered (e-POWER) X-Trail, introducing cutting-edge technology to the regional market.

Power, emotion, performance, and an immediate response when accelerating and braking are the characteristics that define the driving experience of this vehicle that Nissan Importers Business Unit (NIBU) —the business unit of the brand in charge of providing service to 34 markets of Latin America—brings to the region to continue the legacy of Nissan X-Trail, one of the brand’s most iconic SUVs, redefining the future of electric mobility.

In his remarks, Industry Minister Aubyn Hill lauded the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer for introducing this state-of-the-art driving experience and technology to the local market and revolutionising the way Jamaican motorists perceive electric vehicles.

“One of the key drivers of development and commerce in any country is mobility. The ability to move people and goods efficiently and affordably is essential for the growth and competitiveness of our business sector. That is why we are excited about  Nissan’s new e-POWER technology,  which offers a  revolutionary way of driving with electric power. As a global leader in the automotive industry and a valued partner in our country’s development,  Nissan has contributed significantly and remains committed to the growth and diversification of our economy, investing in innovation and supporting our local manufacturing sector. And they have demonstrated this by making vehicles more accessible and affordable through the facilitation of special duty concessions,” Senator Hill expressed.

Debra Stewart, general manager of Fidelity Motors Limited, speaks with Industry and Investment Minister Aubyn Hill on the introduction of the Nissan e-POWER X-Trail, which promises to deliver an innovative and transformative driving experience that will forever change the perception of electric vehicles among Jamaican motorists. (Photo: Contributed)

“I am confident that this vehicle and the revolutionary technology behind it will enhance Jamaica’s mobility, comfort and convenience and contribute to our national goals of security and environmental protection. The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is committed to supporting innovation, and creating an enabling environment for businesses like Fidelity, to  thrive as we work collectively to build Jamaica,” he mused further.

Attendees had the opportunity to witness first-hand the advanced features and technological innovations that make the Nissan/Fidelity X-Trail e-POWER a game-changer in the industry.

This revolutionary vehicle signifies a shift towards, more sustainable future for transportation in the Caribbean region.

Nissan’s popular SUV integrates two electric motors that provide 187 horsepower and a torque of 243 lbs/ft, which are responsible for always propelling the vehicle, providing an immediate response from the moment the accelerator is pressed, additionally incorporates technologies such as e-4ORCE, an advanced all-wheel drive system which allows for managing the power delivered by the engine and provides greater control and stability regardless of the conditions or type of road; and e-pedal step, which uses load resistance to slow the vehicle down and reducing the use of the brake pedal.

In this way, this technology simplifies driving, allowing acceleration and deceleration using the same pedal, allowing drivers to feel more comfortable behind the wheel, resulting in simple, comfortable, and predictable driving. This regenerative brake means more autonomy and efficiency of the vehicle. 

“The all-new X-Trail e-POWER incorporates significant engineering changes to enhance performance level and driving experience. e-POWER is Nissan’s new technology coming from a long time EV experience. The engine is working as just a generator and charging power to a high output battery when necessary and driven by two electric motors located in front and rear. In addition, this system eliminates the necessity of an external charger”, said Yasukazu Kanda, vice-president of research & development for Nissan Mexicana.

(From L to R) Nicholas Mackie, Senior General Manager, Auto Division, GEL Group & Director, Fidelity Motors Ltd., Diana Torres, Managing Director, Nissan Importers Business Unit (NIBU), Yasukazu Kanda, Global VP, Research and Development, NIBU and Anthony Ali, Chairman, Fidelity Motors Ltd. and Managing Director, Goddard Group of Companiesat at the groundbreaking Nissan e-POWER X-Trail launch on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

“Also, with the integration of e-4orce this unprecedented system improves all types of driving, providing powerful, high-quality, and responsive driving. From everyday driving to winding and slippery roads”, he said.

Nissan X-Trail e-POWER has seven driving modes to provide a better experience, adapted to customer preferences and driving conditions:

  • DRIVE-D: Powerful acceleration and throttle, similar to a conventional car.
  • D-ECO: Focus on fuel saving and energy regeneration.
  • D-SPORT: Strong acceleration and energy regeneration benefits.
  • BRAKING-B, B-ECO and B-SPORT: Provides faster energy recovery and optimises fuel consumption while maintaining the benefits of each driving mode.
  • EV mode: Ideal for urban settings (heavy traffic) with speeds from 5-60 km/h. It reduces the generator firing frequency extending the EV driving range (quiet and comfortable), and it deactivates when the battery level is less than 50 per cent or the acceleration demand is high.
The Nissan X-Trail e-POWER. (Photo: Contributed)

The Nissan X-Trail e-POWER also integrates 13 ‘Nissan intelligent mobility’ technologies, including intelligent peripheral vision monitor with moving object detection; intelligent emergency braking assistance —systems that assist the driver to avoid collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians thus achieving much safer driving—, among others.

Nissan e-POWER, the best alternative for the region

One of the key advantages of Nissan e-POWER technology is its independence from electric charging stations during journeys, making the X-Trail e-POWER an ideal mobility alternative for the region. This feature also aligns with the NIBU’s electrification strategy across Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Bringing e-POWER to the Caribbean contributes to Nissan’s purpose: driving innovation to enrich people’s lives”, mentioned Diana Torres, managing director for Nissan Importers Business Unit, “a goal that Nissan has today as one of the main pillars of our long-term vision: Ambition 2030, which seeks to drive mobility further, responding to the critical needs of the environment, society, and customers. With the arrival of Nissan X-Trail e-POWER, we are confident that we are changing the game for the adoption of electric powertrains. This is the only vehicle that allows a 100 per cent electric experience without the need for recharging, adapting perfectly to the conditions of the Caribbean”, she expressed. 

Local and international Fidelity team members gather in full force to commemorate the unveiling of the groundbreaking Nissan e-POWER X-Trail on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. (Photo: Contributed)

“This remarkable model not only represents the evolution of the X-Trail series but also signifies Nissan’s unwavering commitment to leading the global market in electric vehicles. In a time where climate change is a pressing concern and the demand for safety and autonomous driving technology is increasing, Nissan has stepped up to the challenge. The groundbreaking launch event was a success and we are immensely happy for all the unwavering support. The Fidelity Team will continue to carry the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration with us. Together, we can create a brighter future, one where electric vehicles revolutionise the way we drive and contribute to a greener world,” said Deborah Stewart, general manager at Fidelity Motors Limited.

With the launch of this technology in the region with the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER model, the brand reinforces its global Ambition 2030 plan, aiming for carbon neutrality while providing consumers with innovative and world-class electric mobility solutions.


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