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All hail Krispy Kreme as it takes Jamaica by storm

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

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Golden ticket winner Adam Bogle is awarded for being the first customer at Krispy Kreme’s grand opening in Kingston on Saturday, June 3, 2023. (Photo: Instagram @krispykremejm)

The launch event for Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Jamaica yesterday (June 3) was an unparalleled success and sees it set to take the country by storm.

Those fellas who sell those boxed doughnuts navigating traffic and bang on your car windows now have a lot to worry about — Krispy Kreme may well be taking the jam out of their doughnut!

With the internet, travel and Netflix, Jamaica is seeing demand for international food brands. Who would have thought young people would so readily take to Starbucks Coffee at J$1000 a cup, but they have.

It has been said that if KFC and Instagram went down for a week, Jamaica would go into meltdown.

With people queueing round the block for Krispy Kreme, Restaurant Associates Limited has hit upon a winner that will become a staple of offices across the Corporate Area.

Here’s what you need to know about Krispy Kreme, a baker’s dozen if you like!

1. It was founded by Vernon Rudolph on July 13,1937 (84 years ago) and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. Vernon Rudolph joined his family’s doughnut making business during the Great Depression.

2. He took inspiration from his favourite cigarette Camel which was also based in North Carolina.

3. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, kept under lock and key in a vault in its Winston-Salem headquarters in North Carolina.Some speculate that it is fluffed egg whites, mashed potatoes, sugar, shortening, skim milk mixed with flour and covered in glaze. It is said a chef in New Orleans came up with the recipe.

4. The doughnuts take an hour to make

5. The logo was designed by architect Benny Dinkins and is referred to as the “bow tie”. It has never changed.

6.The colour scheme for all its stores are red, white and green.

(Photo: Contributed)

7. It’s glazed doughnut hasn’t changed since 1945

8. After the founder died in 1973, the brand was bought by Beatrice Foods Company in 1976. Today it is a public company owned by German corporation JAB Holdings.

9. There are now some 1,450 stores across 33 countries

10. A store makes 16 million doughnuts a year. They turn on their machines at 4.00 am making 22,00 doughnuts a day.

11. All Krispy Kreme doughnuts are kosher

12. The first Krispy Kreme store to open outside the U.S. was in Canada in 2002. Today stores can be found in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Mexico.

13. Krispy Kreme employs 21,000 people. It now has an app which tells you when your local store is serving fresh from the fryer.


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