JAM | Nov 17, 2023

All NCB smart ABMs now accepting polymer banknotes

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Jamaica’s polymer banknotes, which went into domestic circulation on June 15, 2023. (Photo: Bank of Jamaica)

NCB Jamaica Limited is today (November 17) reporting that 100 percent of its intelligent automated banking machines (iABMs) have been upgraded to accept and dispense the recently-introduced polymer banknotes. 

NCB, in a statement, indicated that the upgrade was completed at the end of October and signals a key achievement under the company’s new Efficiency, Governance, and Customer Experience (EGC) framework, which aims to transform the customer experience delivered at all its service points. 

Danielle Cameron Duncan, vice president of payments and digital channels, stated: “With the enhancements and others made over the last few months, customers will experience a marked improvement in ABM availability. We expect these upgrades to significantly bolster the performance of our ABM fleet and deliver improved reliability and convenience to our customers, which is a top priority for us.” 

Danielle Cameron Duncan, Vice President of Payments & Digital Channels at NCB Jamaica Limited. (Photo: Contributed)

Cameron Duncan further shared that NCB continues to expand and fortify what is already the largest ABM network in the island. NCB recently added five new iABMs – which can both accept deposits and dispense cash – and replaced 60 regular cash-dispenser ABMs which were at the end of their life cycle.

These additions bring NCB’s fleet up to 141 iABMs and 157 regular cash-dispenser ABMs, giving Jamaicans access to close to 300 ABMs island-wide.  

Efforts to increase ABM availability and access 

Several of the machines which were previously removed due to security concerns are being strategically redeployed to new locations to further enhance service availability for customers.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers have access to their funds whenever and wherever they need them,” said Cameron Duncan. 

Looking ahead, NCB is set to further empower its customers with an ABM feature within its mobile app, providing real-time updates on each machine’s status come 2024. 

A National Commercial Bank-operated (NCB) automated teller machine in Jamaica. (Photo: Facebook @NCBJa)

“We truly appreciate the patience and support of our customers throughout this transition period,” said Cameron Duncan. “We are very excited about the positive new developments with our fleet and look forward to delivering an improved banking experience across our modernised ABM network.”


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