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Allied Real Estate and Atlas Motors join forces to create The Home & Auto Initiative

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Sydney Morgan (left), CEO of Allied Real Estate; and Tajay Mohan, CEO of Atlas Motors; at the signing of the MoU at Golf View Hotel in Mandeville.

Allied Real Estate Services and Atlas Motors have joined forces to launch The Home & Auto Initiative, a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing Jamaica’s mortgage and auto loan services.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville last Friday (May 19), solidifying their shared vision of excellence and innovation.

“This alliance will benefit Jamaicans by redefining financial accessibility towards unparalleled home and vehicle ownership; simply put, we are seeking to make it possible for customers to be able to make one purchase and get two assets in a house and a car,” said Tajay Mohan, CEO of Atlas Motors.

This partnership empowers Jamaicans to achieve their dreams of homeownership and car ownership.

Sydney Morgan (left), CEO of Allied Real Estate; Ryan Anderson (centre), CEO of RTA Biz Energy solutions; and Tajay Mohan, CEO of Atlas Motors; at the signing of the MoU at Golf View Hotel in Mandeville. (Photos: Contributed)

By leveraging their expertise, resources, and commitment to exceptional customer experiences, the newly formed Allied and Atlas ALLIANCE sets a new standard of excellence in the industry. The alliance brings together a team of in-house mortgage brokers, sales agents, and legal experts from Michelle Thomas and Associates (MTN) and Lavern Glave, ensuring a streamlined and secure loan application process.

During a successful six-month trial period, Allied Real Estate Services and Atlas Motors provided their flagship home and auto services to over 20 customers, receiving rave reviews and testimonials. Customers such as Mr. Sutherland and the Stevensons praised the alliance for maximizing their investments, enhancing convenience, and improving their overall quality of life.

The alliance doesn’t stop at mortgages and auto loans. By including RTA Biz Energy Solutions, a leader in renewable energy and sustainability, the partnership will also integrate solarized solutions, such as solar-powered energy sources, solar water heaters, solar air conditioning, solar electric vehicle chargers, and smart home appliances.

The Allied, Atlas, and RTA Biz Energy Solutions alliance unlocks a range of benefits for Jamaicans, including streamlined processes, competitive interest rates, tailored financial solutions, enhanced customer service, and comprehensive consultation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, extensive networks, and market insights, the alliance aims to provide unparalleled convenience and support to its customers.

Sydney Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Allied Real Estate Services, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that the collaboration with Tajay Mohan, Founder and CEO of Atlas Motors, and Ryan Anderson, Founder and CEO of RTA Biz Energy Solutions, will revolutionize Jamaica’s home mortgage and auto loan industry.


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