JAM | Jun 14, 2023

Amid leadership vacuum, bishop warns ‘Jamaica on brink of anarchy’

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Bishop Alvin Bailey. (Photo: Facebook @thePSOJ)

Bishop Alvin Bailey, head of the Holiness Christian Church of Jamaica, is today (June 14) warning that the island teeters closer to anarchy as a leadership crisis brought on by ‘selfish’ parliamentarians continues to ignore the cries of the general population.

In a scathing broadside to the Andrew Holness-led government, Bailey claimed that with daily evidence of moral decay, “Jamaica is on the brink” because of infighting among agencies of the state and regulatory bodies as well as discontentment among the working class.

“Jamaica is facing the greatest leadership crisis since Universal Adult Suffrage. Our present political leaders have acted unjustly and have failed to give priority to the well-being of their constituents, as they turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the voices of the people,” he began.

“So the people have lost confidence in their government and there is widespread feeling of mistrust and betrayal for our political leaders.  In fact, none – on either side of the political divide – can claim to command the full respect and moral authority of the Jamaican public at this time,” added Bailey.

According to the controversial clergyman, the grand ‘Cash Pot’-type, 200-plus per cent salary increase granted by the government to parliamentarians is an “example of a series of self-serving negotiations”, which has resulted in a cold and calculated strangle hold on public sector workers, who cannot afford the everyday basics as the rate of inflation increases and the cost of goods and services reach sky high.

“But those in political power, who have been called on by the public to roll back the salary increases, remain oblivious to the protests and  the calls even from national influencers,” he mused further.

He said that Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who “arrogantly boasts of his support of the inequitable salary increases to himself and fellow cabinet members”, must give instructions to Finance MInister Nigel Clarke to roll back the recent hike. 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness addressing a press conference held at Jamaica House on Monday, May 22, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

“This defies democracy and  is nothing short of dictatorship”, Bishop Bailey said.

”The prime minister needs to show Jamaica that he has the authority to lead. Also, leaders of the Opposition must publicly support a roll back and be prepared to halt their participation in government until that is done,” he concluded.


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