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Anti-establishment cult leader Kevin Smith: A staunch anti-tech, ‘anti-vaxx’ conspiracist

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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Cult leader Kevin O Smith. (Photo: Facebook @excellencykevin.smith)

Exalted as a prophet, the self-proclaimed leader of Pathways International Restoration Kingdom ‘cult’ Kevin Smith, on the surface, was verbally against anything related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and 5G technology.

Smith, whose Facebook profile went viral as Jamaicans sought to understand his fractured, demented psyche, launched daily attacks on COVID-19 vaccines—likening the life-saving drugs to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and foretold impending disaster for Jamaica, as the island sold its soul to the powers of ‘Babylon’.

The Facebook page is a literal minefield of misinformation and supposed “calculations” done by Smith on his smartphone, ‘confirming’ news events being related to 666 or the ‘Devil’s number’.

Hundreds of ‘prophetic messages’, influenced by verses from the Old and New Testament, heralded doom and destruction for Jamaica, neighbouring Caribbean countries and the wider world.

Claiming that the ‘new world order’ is taking root, Smith took a strong anti-establishment stance and chastised all other Christian denominations but his own.

(Photo: Facebook @excellencykevin.smith)

Writing in the code ‘999’, Smith’s Facebook posts explained that per numerology, the number nine “represents completion, as it’s the last of the single-digit numbers (which are known as cardinal numbers) and the highest in value”.

According to him, 999—an inversion of the ‘demonic’ 666 figure—symbolically “represents a culmination of wisdom and experience, and buzzes with the energy of both endings and new beginnings”.

He hurled tirades against the National Commerical Bank (NCB) Group, saying the company would fail due to its imposition of a staff vaccine mandate.

Smith also hit out against the Jamaica National (JN) group for its vaccine incentive of J$2,500 for some 600 customers, as well as corporate entities Digicel Group and Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) for vax mandates and power disruptions respectively.

“Pull your Money from [companies deleted]. Walk out of their banks and shut them down oh ye sons and daughters of Yashuah Hamashiach,” the cult leader rambled on October 13.

“Good News. Without us. It will close. Leave Babylon and come. We coming in from the cold. We the purebloods stand together against [company deleted] Babylon shall fall and go up in a firery Furnace. Mark the words of this Nabi! Headline will Read. [Company deleted] engulfed in a fiery Furnace! Get your money out! (sic)” he wrote the next day.

Smith repeatedly accused Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other members of the Jamaican Government of being the ‘Devil incarnate’ and taking a payout from the World Health Organization (WHO) to ‘poison’ the wider populace with the COVID-19 vaccine.

(Photo: Facebook @excellencykevin.smith)

He also lashed the ‘oppressive’ restrictions of movement, curfews and other measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

“The government a run a boat. Pot pon fire a cook. The prime minister, the health minister and the Ministry of local government a run a boat. PM Anju, Tufti and Dessi. its wat everybody talking bout, (sic),” he wrote on October 13, adding, “Anju start weekly fi publish him new orda weh him get from WHO. No man can walk him lane at night or him a lock up di wol house. Swimming became a crime, walking late became a sin. As everyone gave in under pressure fraid seh anju a go beat dem skin.
Anju say wen i talk no dog bark ar bad man wi kick u inna u mout (sic).”

(Photo: Facebook @excellencykevin.smith)

Down the proverbial rabbit hole, Smith’s philosophical musings worsened the deeper one dived into the cultist timeline, for as long as his public posts can be seen.

Allegedly, Israel is not the ‘true homeland’ for his followers, with Smith declaring his ‘flock’ as the real ‘Hebrew Israelites’.

A great calamity is purportedly in store for much of the world this December, according to the ‘prophet’, claiming that death and darkness will sweep the globe.

“999 I Am doing a new thing 999 planes bearing the number 6 will fall from my heavens across Jamaica and the Whole World. ON December 2 2021 at 21:00 It will 999 destroy 999 the great 999 FLANKERS 999
Do Not travel on that day.
Do Not go to any Barracks on that day or FLANKERS.
FLANKERS: a person or thing positioned on the flank of something, a trick or swindle.
‘he’s certainly pulled a flanker on the army’
one of a detachment of soldiers detailed to guard the flanks, esp of a formation. a projecting fortification, used esp to protect or threaten a flank.
I bring the Enter Armies down.
I establish 999O.K.M999 on 12 7 2021
As Captain of the Lord’s host and the Armies of Israel (sic),” he said.

Another great disaster was reportedly “seen” by Smith—set to take place on February 22, 2022.

The self-manifested ‘God’ was also a confused purist, who waged war on many popular ‘man-made’ products and services, arguing that his members must remain “pure”.

(Photo: Facebook @excellencykevin.smith)

Just before the horrific ritual, Smith’s posts became more sinister as he pleaded that “Judgement Day” had come and his ‘ark’ had begun loading animals.

Copious amounts of food and bottled water were strewn on the ground after security forces gained access to the Pathways Christian Cathedral in Montego Bay, St James on Sunday (October 17). (Photo contributed)

Moments after midnight on that fateful Sunday, October 17, the cult leader began slowly cutting off congregants from the outside world—asking members of the Pathways Christian Cathedral (PCC) to switch off and wrap their smartphones in aluminium foil.

“I am giving an instruction OBEY ME NOW. Get Aluminum foil paper and wrap your cellphone in it Now! Keep it in dear. That signal is what puts you under a spell and makes you sick!” Smith declared.

From there, more “instructions” were given to disable camera and microphone sensors before the final decree was issued for PCC members islandwide to gather at its Albion Road premises.

The blood-stained floors of the cult church bear the signs of the horrors church congregants, including 14 children, witnessed as leader Kevin Smith ordered human sacrifices on Sunday night, October 17. (Photo contributed)

The imminent flood foreshadowed had come to pass, according to Smith and it was time to ‘board the ark’.

Congregants were then commanded to wear their white ceremonial garments in preparation for ‘boarding’; not knowing human sacrifices were what awaited them.

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