| May 30, 2023

Antiguans being urged to observe COVID-19 protocols as carnival season approaches

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The Ministry of Health has issued a public advisory urging residents of Antigua and Barbuda to take immediate measures to protect themselves against the COVID-19 Virus during the upcoming carnival season.

In a press release, the ministry acknowledged that on May 5, 2023, the World Health Organization declared an end to the ‘Public Health Emergency for the COVID-19 Virus.’

However, the ministry emphasised that the threat of COVID-19 and its associated risks still persist, as the virus has not been eradicated.

“During this festive season leading up to Carnival, the Ministry of Health recognises the importance of maintaining established protocols and urges the public to remain vigilant. Given the large social gatherings and close contact among individuals during these events, it is essential to continue adhering to the existing guidelines,” the press release said.

The release further stated, “If you experience symptoms resembling a cold or flu, wearing a mask is strongly advised, particularly when venturing out in public.”

Additionally, the ministry said individuals exhibiting persistent moderate/severe respiratory symptoms seek proper evaluation by visiting the nearest health center or healthcare provider.


Furthermore, it urges residents to maintain good hand hygiene, practice workplace cleanliness, and follow proper cough and sneeze etiquette.

Wearing a mask in public as much as possible is highly encouraged to prevent the spread of the infection.

Also, it is mandatory, as of May 30, for all individuals entering the public hospital or any healthcare facility to wear masks.


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