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JM | Sep 15, 2021

Apollon Formularies expands Jamaica medical cannabis production facility

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New state-of-the art distiller increases production more than 50-fold compared with current levels

The United Kingdom-based medical cannabis pharmaceutical company, Apollon Formularies has announced a substantial increase in its production capacity in Negril, Jamaica in a move that creates further revenue generation opportunities.

Apollon Formularies has rolled out a new state-of-the art distiller, which increases production more than 50-fold compared with current levels. The company has installed a specialist sonicator, which allows for the production of nano-particle medicines as well as water-oil emulsions. 

In addition, it has acquired an industrial freeze drier, allowing it more flexibility to store freeze dried biomass for use on demand as well as for pharmaceutical applications. The company announces that the expansion “opens the path to further revenue generation opportunities to the wider domestic market before expansion to export markets” in the first quarter of 2022.

Apollon Formularies sees additional revenue opportunities from tolling processes and white labeling. The company reports that it is actively engaging with cultivators and other cannabis companies in Jamaica to formalize these relationships.

Beefing up operational capabilities

Apollon Jamaica Chief Operating Officer Stephen Barnhill Jnr. says “upgrading our facility means that we have more than enough production capability to operationally support Apollon’s activities, as we continue our strategy to expand our local and eventually, global footprint. Additionally, the expansion provides the opportunity to not only generate additional revenue for the company, through tolling agreements with local cultivators and white labelling arrangements, but also means we are able to manufacture our high-grade oils for our medical facilities and dispensaries attached to these facilities.”

He adds that the team in Jamaica is actively looking for companies in the country to work within this capacity


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