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Appleton launches limited-edition ’17-Y-O Legend’

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Gift from one of the oldest ageing rum libraries in the world

Appleton Estate 17 Year Old Legend

Appleton Estate announces the launch of its limited-edition, 17-Year-Old Legend, which is an exclusive and faithful recreation of the legendary 17-Year-Old rum crafted by J. Wray & Nephew on the Estate in the 1940s. 

The J. Wray & Nephew 17-Year-Old is known around the world as the storied inspiration for the creation of the Mai Tai cocktail. The rum has become one of the most sought-after bottles in the world, and today, a tribute to this legend of cocktail history returns to the world stage as a limited offering from Appleton.

This is good news for both rum connoisseurs and classic cocktail enthusiasts alike. Based on the legendary spirit’s original formula, the 17-Year-Old Legend is an exquisite and historic blend that offers a once-in-a-lifetime taste of cocktail history. 

Details on Appleton Estate 17-Year-Old Legend  

Appleton Estate 17-Year-Old Legend is an emblem of the distillery’s unrivalled history of crafting exceptional aged rums. Referencing original manuscripts and formulas, legendary Master Blender, Joy Spence created this one-time release using four very rare distillates set aside to rest on the Estate to best recreate the taste profile of the prized golden blend. 

17-Year-Old Legend is the gift from one of the oldest ageing rum libraries in the world, and soon to be a jewel of the finest rum collections. Due to the rarity of the distillates, only 1,500 bottles are available globally, never to be produced again. In the 1940s, the J. Wray & Nephew 17-Year-Old was one of the most sought-after rums in the world and set the gold standard, prized for its gilded colour and sensual, smoky, orange top notes. 

Paying tribute to J. Wray & Nephew 17 Year Old

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Today, Appleton Estate is proud to pay tribute to this enduring spirit. Produced at the oldest continuously-operating rum distillery in Jamaica, the iconic blend is aged a minimum of 17 years in the island’s fertile and tropical climate. Appleton Estate rums age nearly three times more quickly than spirits aged in cooler climates, allowing for richer, fuller flavours to develop in a shorter period.

In fact, the minimum age of 17 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica is equivalent to over 50 years of ageing in a cooler climate. Crafted with Jamaican limestone-filtered water, with no added flavours, 17-Year-Old Legend displays rich, caramelized pear and banana notes, mingling with warm, nutty, oak, and floral-herbal notes. 

The full body crescendo culminates in a lingering, silky-smooth finish. The precious liquid is held in the brand’s iconic glass bottle, with a tropical interpretation of Appleton Estate’s visual codes in its neck label and gift box, exemplifying this release’s role as a true taste of Jamaican luxury.

Commenting on 17 Year Old Legend, Master Blender at Appleton Estate, Spence says, “With this rum we knew we had a special story to tell. “This project has been years in the making and truly one of the most challenging of my career. In carefully re-creating the beautiful taste profile of the original rum, we’ve created an expression that is a tribute both to our own heritage and to the heritage of the classic cocktail craft.”

1,500 bottles of this special expression have been produced and are available for sale. Beginning on May 17, 2023, 36 NFTs redeemable for bottles of Appleton Estate 17-Year-Old Legend will be available on Appleton Estate has collaborated with Jamaican visual artist, Oneika Russell to develop the artwork for each NFT exclusive to BlockBar – a first from Appleton Estate. 

The 17-Year-Old Legend will also be available at select premium retailers starting in June 2023, in the United States, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong for approximately USD$372.


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