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ARC Manufacturing greenifies Dupont Primary for Labour Day

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Patrick Green, assistant manager of operations at ARC Manufacturing was not afraid to get his hands dirty as he planted an orange tree during Labour Day activities at the Dupont Primary School in St Andrew on May 23, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

Showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability ARC Manufacturing volunteers planted several fruit and flowering trees during Labour Day activities at the Dupont Primary & Infant School last Tuesday (May 23).

This initiative aligns with the company’s dedication to environmental causes and its ongoing efforts to combat climate change. By fostering the growth of these trees, the manufacturing giant aims to promote climate change mitigation, ensure food security, and create good stewards of the environment. 

Additionally, the team undertook a much-needed renovation project by repainting the auditorium, providing the students at Dupont Primary & Infant School with a revitalised space for learning and creativity.

Stephen Forbes, research & business development officer at ARC Manufacturing, showed off his painting skills during the much-needed renovation of the facility’s auditorium. (Photo: Contributed)

Recognising the importance of a conducive learning environment, the Bell Road residents took this opportunity to invest in the school’s infrastructure and support the holistic development of its students.

Novlet Green, general manager of corporate affairs and governance at ARC Manufacturing, expressed her pride in the company’s participation in this significant community-driven initiative.

“We firmly believe in nation-building through active community engagement. Our commitment to environmental causes is deeply rooted in our core values, and we are delighted to contribute to the greening of our community through the Labour Day activities at Dupont Primary & Infant School. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment and fostering sustainable practices for the betterment of future generations,” she explained.

Principal Andrew Rowe commended the company’s invaluable support.

“We are extremely grateful to ARC for their unwavering commitment to our school and community. The tree-planting project and the auditorium renovation will have a profound impact on our students’ learning experience,” mused Rowe. 

Deputy Chair Charlotte Hayles (left) & Principal Andrew Rowe (right) joined forces to plant a guava tree during ARC’s Labour Day activities at the Dupont Primary School. (Photo: Contributed)

“ARC’s efforts reflect their genuine concern for the environment and their dedication to investing in education. We look forward to nurturing the planted trees and utilizing the refreshed auditorium to provide our students with an enhanced educational environment,” he continued. 

Through these initiatives, the ISO-certified company continues to be a beacon of corporate responsibility and a driving force in fostering positive change within its local communities.

As a premier manufacturer of building materials, ARC Manufacturing is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


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