JAM | Jun 14, 2023

Arise Platform expands to Jamaica and India

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The Arise Platform, an innovative marketplace that connects independent contractors with major customer brands, has been expanded to Jamaica and India.

The Arise platform expands customer support reach in Jamaica and India. This expansion brings Arise’s global footprint across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, and India.

Thousands of individual service partners are already registered on the Arise Platform in both locations. The platform, which is now available in both countries sees this latest expansion, as good things to come.

This marks growth and opportunity for both the service partners providing customer service in countries and for brands utilising flexible, scalable customer experience (CX) services now available to better serve their customers.

Logo of the Arise Platfrom. (Photo: Arise Virtual Solutions)

As the leader in work-from-home GigCX for decades, Arise’s unique model opens remote work to smaller communities outside of traditional, high-population business hubs and cities.

Commenting on the move, Robert Padron, Arise’s chief growth officer, explained, “we are incredibly proud and excited to be able to bring remote CX and business services opportunities to both India and Jamaica. Not only does this greatly impact local economies and provide greater economic prosperity through work-from-home opportunities in these two countries, but it also quite literally opens up a world of possibilities for our current and future clients.”

Robert Padron, Arise’s chief growth officer, (Photo: Arise Virtual Solutions)

Win-win for both Arise and clients

The expansion to Jamaica and India will allow Arise’s clients to take advantage of traditional customer service offerings, back-office work, and gaming community work. Arise’s offerings in Jamaica include contact center outsourcing with capabilities including voice, email, chat, and social media.

While India is already a source of talented service partners engaging with Arise Gaming, this expansion capitalises on India’s well-known ability in key areas like workforce management, quality assurance, business services, and data analytics. By adding both nearshore and offshore capabilities, Arise broadens its reach as a global player in the CX and business services space.

Arise CEO Mohit Thurkal. (Photo:

For his part, Mohit Thukral, CEO of Arise states, “for years, the Arise Platform has created an adaptable model for service partners to deliver world-class customer experiences all while working from home. As Arise expands to Jamaica and India, we are looking forward to fostering economic growth and impact in these regions, while providing our clients with the flexibility to meet each of their unique needs.”


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