ABW | Jan 23, 2022

Aruba imposes antigen testing requirement for North American travellers

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While far from over, health officials in Aruba have begun cauterising the localised outbreak.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba has announced another update of its coronavirus (COVID-19) entry rules for travellers, now effective in January 2022.

The new rules, which apply to North American visitors, mean travellers will have two pre-testing options for visiting Aruba: an antigen test taken one day prior to arriving in Aruba; or a PCR test within two days prior to travelling to Aruba.

Interestingly, the island also announced that visitors 12 and up who have tested positive on a PCR test between 10 days and 12 weeks prior to travel, and show no symptoms, are exempt from the requirement of providing a negative test.

Change in new testing rules

This latest update of entry rules represents a change from Aruba’s December travel update, which had given visitors only the option of a PCR test, not an antigen one.

Aruba has also announced the launch of a new system for travellers to authorise approved laboratories to send their negative test results directly to the island’s Embarkation-Disembarkation card entry platform.

Through a partnership with OK2Roam, travellers can take a video-supervised PCR test or go to a test centre and take a PCR or antigen test.
Children aged 11 years and under are exempt from Aruba’s testing rules.


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