BDS | May 14, 2022

Barbados is the Caribbean’s leading country for digital nomads, new survey suggests

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Barbados’ top regional ranking due to high-speed internet connections and good air connectivity factors. (Photo: Digital Nomad World)

Barbados has been ranked as the best country in the Caribbean for digital nomads, based on a survey conducted by British real estate agency, Savills Plc.

The Executive Nomad Rating Survey found that globally, the best destination for digital nomads is Lisbon (Portugal). Lisbon is followed by the American city of Miami and Dubai in the Arabian Gulf in third position.

Turning to Barbados’ top position in the Caribbean, the survey found that the country’s ranking is credited to its high-speed internet connections, extraordinary natural beauty and good air connectivity.

The survey showed that the country’s “Welcome Stamp“ visa programme was also a factor in it topping digital nomad rankings regionally.

Barbados launched the Welcome Stamp programme in July 2020, urging foreign digital workers to trade their urban home office for a new life in the Caribbean. The programme turned out to be a huge success.

Over 2,000 digital nomads relocated to the island in the last year and a half. Barbados Today reports that as of March 2022, the new Caribbean republic approved 2,300 applications from digital nomads.

Nearshore Americas published that digital workers from the US, Britain, Canada, Nigeria and Ireland make up a bulk of the professionals seeking the Welcome Stamp.

Those approved applicants under the programme have occupations in fields such as engineering, health science, architecture, information technology, communications, public administration, finance, education and training, law, distribution and logistics management.


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