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Basil Dawkins: 49 years and 30 plays later

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Basil Dawkins

Playwright and producer Basil Dawkins, who was this year awarded membership in the Order of Distinction (OD), has revealed that he was prompted into the art by his mother as a method of overcoming his shyness.

Dawkins was last Sunday’s guest on CCRP Update, broadcast on Sundays on Radio Jamaica, where he recounted his journey in theatre since 1973.

In that year, as an undergraduate student, Dawkins finally accepted the challenge which resulted in him participating in 15 plays during his tenure at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

After completing his undergraduate studies, and with the demanding nature of theatre, Dawkins had to find something that did not conflict with his daily nine-to-five job. This birthed his career as a playwright and today he has successfully written and produced at least 30 plays.

Though he experienced failures along the way, he shared that failure was a part of his journey which taught him many lessons. He had a great support system, and this helped in boosting his confidence.

Dawkins commented that, back then, theatre was more a leisure activity than a business venture.


His dream for the future of theatre is for Kingston to be the cultural capital of the Caribbean and Southeast United States.

The playwright said he believes Kingston has the potential, after dark, to turn from corporate to cultural with the integration of the tourism product with cultural offerings.

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