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CHN | Mar 18, 2023

Beijing Huadong Musical Instrument Company: A leader in violin manufacturing and culture

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(OUR TODAY photo/Tiffany Holman)

Tiffany Holman/Our Today Writer

Beijing, China:

Beijing Huadong Musical Instrument Company Limited, is a leading manufacturer of violin musical instruments in northern China.

Founded in 1988, by world-class violin makers Dai Hongxiang and Wang Chonggui, the company has become an industry pioneer with its unique Violin Culture Experience Hall, top-notch violins showroom, and party and group activities room.

With a total floor area of 50 mu (one mu=860.65 square yards) and a building area of 14,200 square meters, the company has become renowned for violin manufacturing in Beijing and northern China.

With a ready market across China and 80 per cent of its products sold in more than 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia, the annual output of violins can get up to 200,000 during peak periods.

The company has come on leaps and bounds so much so that “one out of every three violins in the world is produced in Donggaocun Town”. The enterprising company earns foreign exchange through violin exports, and Donggaocun Town is also reputed as a violin production hub.

The company’s mission is to inherit the global violin culture, carry forward its reputation for craftsmanship, and develop into a century-old giant. It aims to make high-quality violins and spread violin culture by “bringing in” and “going global” in a two-pronged manner while fulfilling its social responsibilities.

Beijing Huadong Musical Instrument Company vigorously adheres to the instructions for Donggaocun Town, which were put up during the field survey of Cai Qi, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, which will see it transform from a production-oriented enterprise to a production service-oriented enterprise.

In 2016, the company established ‘Huadong Music City’; moving from simply traditional violin production to music education and training, music cultural exchanges, performing arts, and other arms of the music industry. Since then, more than 100 non-profit cultural exchange events have been launched. In 2017, on the occasion of Sino-Western music cultural exchange events organised by the company, Pinggu District People’s Government established a sister city relationship with Valencia, Spain. Spanish music professors have been invited to deliver “Virtuoso Classes” in Pinggu District on a regular basis.

(OUR TODAY photo/Tiffany Holman)

The Violin Culture Experience Hall, built in 2009 and upgraded in 2017, is inscribed by Sheng Zhongguo, a prestigious Chinese violinist. With a total floor area of 800 square meters, it consists of four areas, namely video display area, cultural corridor, materials and tools exhibition area, and violin studio. Visitors to the hall can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the violin, learn about the manufacturing process, and even try their hand at playing the instrument.

(OUR TODAY photo/Tiffany Holman)

Beijing Huadong Musical Instrument Company Limited is a leader in the manufacturing and cultural significance of the violin family. The company’s commitment to preserving and spreading global violin culture, coupled with its high-quality craftsmanship, has earned it a reputation as a world-class manufacturer.

Its Violin Culture Experience Hall is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history and culture of the violin. With its outreach into musical education, training and cultural exchange, the company is poised to continue to make significant contributions to the world of music.


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