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Beijing WOD Chen-Long Biotechnology Co – a leader in agricultural industrialisation

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Tiffany Holman/Our Today Writer

Beijing, China:

Beijing WOD Chen-Long Biotechnology Co Ltd is a biological high-tech group and a leader in agricultural industrialisation.

The Group boasts three competitive companies: Beijing Huadu Yukou Poultry Industry Co Ltd, Smart Beijing Food Co Ltd, and Beijing Wode Botron Information Technology Co Ltd.

Beijing WOD Chen-Long Biotechnology has been thriving in poultry breeding, chicken processing, and the digital economy. Its core value is “living for ourselves while thinking of others,” and it is committed to increasing farmers’ income and leading the healthy development of the poultry industry.

YuKou Poultry, one of WOD’s companies, specialises in poultry breeding and has independently raised five breeds of JING egg-laying hens and three WOD broiler breeds. With 16 branches and subsidiaries across 12 provinces and cities in China, it has 400,000 grandparent breeders, and five million parent breeders with an annual capacity of 250 million chicks & pullets, accounting for over 50 per cent of the market.

YuKou Poultry is committed to building China’s poultry brand and will raise 10 new breeds of JING and four new breeds of WOD, reaching over 70 per cent of the domestic market share.

Smart Food, another company of WOD, specialises in chicken processing and is committed to publicising small white chickens and optimising the production of white feather and yellow feather chickens.

Smart Food has developed overall strategies in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the Yangtze River Delta. It has built a breeder industrial park with an annual production of 200 million chicks and pullets in Daming of Hebei Province, a broiler industrial park with an annual output of 20 million broilers in Chengwu and Pingyuan of Shandong Province, respectively.

Smart Food has also built a broiler slaughterhouse with an annual slaughter capacity of 50 million in Chengwu and plans to construct a broiler industrial park in Ningguo of Anhui Province in the future.

Wode Botron, the third company of WOD, specialises in the digital economy and serves the poultry industry with internet and informational technologies.

With the ‘Smarter Layers’ platform, Wode Botron has gathered all resources in the value chain to build online and offline platform integration with breeding, trading, financial services, and other functions, promoting the reciprocity in the industry chain, thereby achieving the goal of “be happy to farm, be easy to trade”.

Smarter Layers has improved from 1.0 to 4.0, gradually making its mark felt across the whole industry from supermarkets, breeding industry, farms, transportation marketing and consumers. It is focused on the integration of finance and business.

Beijing WOD Chen-Long Biotechnology Co Ltd is a state-supported national seed industry formation enterprise committed to building China into a powerhouse of the poultry industry by taking breeding as the core and smart platform.

The mission is “being based in Beijing, open to China, and going global”.

The three competitive companies – YuKou Poultry, Smart Beijing Food, and Beijing Wode Botron are each committed to their respective areas of expertise and the Group as a whole is focused on growing the poultry industry in China and globally.


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