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USA | Nov 28, 2021

Big jump in robbery and theft at Best Buy

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

The Best Buy logo is seen at a store in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., November 22, 2021. (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

Popular electronic goods retailer Best Buy is experiencing an upsurge in theft and robbery across its stores in the United States, particularly in San Francisco.

The company’s CEO Corie Barry said: “We are doing everything we can to try to create as safe as possible environment.”

“What I would really stress here is, for our employees, these are really traumatic experiences. Obviously, their safety is our first priority.”

Some are of the view that Best Buy is being targeted by organised crime and people desperate to make ends meet during the COVID pandemic.

The frequency at which the stores are being robbed is alarming.

Best Buy put out a statement that read: “Retailers across the country are seeing spikes in crime. These incidents have been by and large non-violent though often traumatic for those who witnessed them. As an industry, we are working with local law enforcement and taking additional security precautions where it makes sense.”

“We are also working at the federal level to pass a law that would make the online re-selling of these stolen goods much more difficult materially reducing the incentive to commit crime in the first place.”

What is happening is that people are stealing goods from Best Buy then selling them online cheaper than the marked price in the store.

Best Buy will need to beef up its security measures.

Black Friday, the big sales day after the Thanksgiving holiday saw multiple thefts at its stores.

CEO Corie Barry says this trend could lead top a decline in its profits.


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