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Billie Eillish makes acting debut in Donald Glover’s ‘Swarm’

Zemelyah Shaw

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Billie Eilish, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter,is making her acting debut in Donald Glover’s new thriller series called Swarm, which has been released on Amazon Prime today (March 17).

The news has been creating a buzz among fans and critics alike, who are eagerly waiting to see Eilish’s performance on screen alongside other big names like Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey.

The film is a thriller series that follows the obsession of a young lady, Dre, with a fictional pop star who has similar aesthetics to that of Beyonce. Her obsession takes a disturbed and dark turn as the series progresses

Eillish went ahead to share a clip  on her Instagram account, further building the anticipation.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Janine Nabers, one of the producers on the project, shared that casting director Carmen Cuba handpicked Billie for the role.

“We were looking to cast the episode and she suggested Billie, and I said, ‘Does she act?’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘What has she been in?’ And she said, ‘Nothing.’ But what’s so incredible about this process is that you have a lot of people that work on the show that are multi-hyphenate and people who have so many different passions. We gravitate toward people who are juggling multiple hats.”

Glover, who is a multi-talented artist himself, has been receiving critical acclaim for his work in both music and film. He previously created and starred in the Emmy-winning series Atlanta and has also appeared in blockbuster movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Lion King.


With Eilish’s inclusion in the cast, Swarm is sure to garner even more attention from fans around the world. Her acting debut in a high-profile series like this is sure to be a significant milestone in her career, and fans can’t wait to see what she brings to the table.

Overall, it’s clear that Swarm is shaping up to be a successful series, and Eilish’s presence is only adding to the excitement. It will be interesting to see how her acting skills translate onto the screen, and how her character will navigate the intriguing world of the swarm.

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