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Bloody couch and attempts to delete videos: Prosecution outlines details in Donna Lee Donaldson murder

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

Donna-Lee Donaldson

Constable Noel Maitland is currently in court for his bail hearing where several details about the alleged murder of social media influencer Donna Lee Donaldson are being revealed.

CCTV footage gathered as evidence shows Maitland entering a car wash to have his couch cleaned, say prosecutors in the Donna Lee Donaldson case.

While opposing bail for the accused murder, the prosecution outlined a series of events that took place involving Maitland after Donaldson’s disappearance.

The details are as follows:

On July 13, in the afternoon, Maitland was seen entering a hardware store along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew.

There he asked a truck driver to transport a couch at his apartment and the truck driver agreed. The two then went to Maitland’s apartment in New Kingston where a couch was placed in the truck and taken to a car wash along Lyndhurst Road.

While at the car wash, the prosecution says Maitland asked for the couch to be washed because his cousin suffered a hand injury that left blood on it.

That same night, about 7 pm, Maitland reportedly made a call to a resident in New Kingston, requesting for footage of him to be deleted.

Constable Noel Maitland (right) and social media personality girlfriend Donna-Lee Donaldson. (Photo: Contributed)

The prosecution says Maitland asked for the footage to be deleted because he was seen with a spliff and it would jeopardise his chance of an impending promotion.

The resident refused to delete the video which prompted Maitland to go to the house of another resident in the area on July 14.

This time he told the second resident that someone he was with was reported missing and he wanted to see footage of July 12. The footage reportedly captured Maitland and a young woman with long hair arriving at the complex. But, he later left alone.

After seeing the footage, Maitland then requested for it to be deleted but the resident did not comply, said the prosecutor.

Maitland then proceeded to call the resident who owned the footage five times, twice on the 15th and three times on the 16th, saying the police may want to see the footage.

The resident who owns the CCTV cameras allegedly told police investigators he felt pressured.

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