JAM | Jun 20, 2023

BOJ to investigate reports of new banknote defect

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Photo of defective Bank of Jamaica J$1,000 Polymer note. (Photo: Twitter @Lance Laevca)

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) said it is investigating claims made by a social media user that she received a defective polymer note from an ATM.

In a post circulating on social media, the user claimed that she withdrew the new note from an ATM and then attempted to use the money at a supermarket to purchase goods. Upon inspection, she said the cashier noted that the money was defective and could not be used.

The J$1000 note in question was missing images on the holographic foil that should have the letters BOJ, a hummingbird, and the faces of Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley.

Photography of what the new Bank of Jamaica $1,000 note should look like. (Photo: Bank of Jamaica)

In response, the BOJ said: “We have reached out to to conduct an investigation into the matter. If anyone else has this experience, they can come down to the Bank to have the banknote tested and replaced if it is deemed genuine”.

The new polymer bank notes were issued last week Thursday (June 15).


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