JM | Sep 11, 2021

Boot gas station hosts vaccination blitz to bolster vaccine take up in Drax Hall community

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In addition to serving gas, the Boot petrol station in Drax Hall, St Ann will be administering vaccine jabs this Sunday (September 12).

According to petrol station owner Wayne Boothe, the petrol station will serve as an ad hoc vaccination blitz site in an effort to help ramp up vaccinations in the St Ann community.

Boothe said offering the station as a blitz site is his contribution to the fight against COVID-19, adding that having the vaccine in more accessible locations would help to mitigate against hesitancy.

However, it is not just take the jab and go, Boothe noted that motorist who visit the location with more than one occupant in their car, who also receive the jab, will receive a voucher for gas.

“Pull up along the car park and you will receive your vaccination while in your car. We will register you, ask you a couple of questions,” explained Boothe

“If you take three people or there are two or more people in the car you are entitled to 10 litres of gasoline -Just like that and you will be getting a voucher after you get the vaccine ” added Boothe

Boothe shared that he anticipates a turnout of 1000 persons, though his target his 750 persons.

“The energy I am hearing on the ground is that we will be getting about 1000 people. My target was somewhere around 700 but seems like it will more like a 1000 people. People have been calling asking about it, ” said Boothe.

“Also I can tell you, the communities nearby the station, I will be sending buses in those areas for people to get vaccinated too. So I will be sending a bus to Steer Town,” added Boothe.

Boot’s vaccination blitz is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Gas Investments, Rainforest Seafood and Wysnco.


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