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Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances brings new burst of flavour to the market

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today


Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) introduced three new and exciting flavours to the public during its annual open day at the company’s headquarters, located at 226 Spanish Road in Kingston earlier today (August 17).

The burst of new flavours that were introduced at the launch are: Mixed Berry, Yaad Blend and Tropical Surprise. The Mixed Berry flavour is a tarty and fruit blend of berries mixed to perfection. Yaad Blend is an original yaad blend of mango, pineapple and ginger while the Tropical Surprise flavour is a fruity, tropical and sweet blend of orange pinapple and banana.

“Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances is a company that sells business to business, we sell beverage manufactures, Ice – cream manufacturers and pastry manufacturers,” said General Manager Janice Lee.

Janice Lee, general manager at Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances

The company is listed as small to medium sized with 22 permanent staff members. In addition to the beverage market, the company provides flavours for ice-cream and baking products for manufacturers both locally and within the region.

“You know flavour is in everything, so when you think of a product it has a flavor and we are actually supplier to all of the manufactures that sell beverage drinks in Jamaica whether it is carbonated or still we provide some flavours for those companies,” Lee proudly highlighted.

For decades, CFF has been supplying manufacturers in Jamaica and the Caribbean with flavours and frgrances for a variety of products.

“The company is all about flavours and fragrances and so for fragrances we actually provide personal care, so shampoos and conditioners. We also provide fragrances for household care such as disinfectant and other cleaning agents,” Lee noted.

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances was Bush Boake Allen

The company grew out of a multinational company, Bush Boake Allen, which served Jamaica and the Caribbean for many years.

In 2001, after Bush Boake Allen was purchased by another international company, the then managing director of Bush Boake Allen, Anand James, purchased the remaining portion. He then renamed and registered the new company as Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances.

“The company has been around for many years under the name of Bush Boake Allen. It was set up specifically to provide flavours for a primary soft drink that Jamaica has now,” Lee shared in an interview with Our Today.

 “In 2001, Mr Anand James, who was then the managing director, bought what was left of the company after the international company pulled out and he renamed it Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances, so CFF is actually 21 years old.

“I was offered to run the company as a distribution company and I told them that I am not impressed with distributing (buying and selling). I told them if they’re not going to continue manufacturing in Jamaica, then I am going to walk away, I was then given the offer to keep the business in Jamaica. I told them once I am able to manufacture, that would be good because I am a manufacturer at heart,” James, the company’s executive director, told Our Today in a discussion earlier today.

“This certificate is a global certification and it allows us to export anywhere in the world.”

Janice Lee, General Manager

Though the company largely supplies local manufacturers, it does export to the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

“We sell primarily to local manufacturers, but we also do some amount of export. We export right across the region and also to the United States and Canada,” Lee pointed out.

She noted that the company has achieved Safe Quality Food certification and is therefore able to export anywhere across the world.


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