JM | Nov 23, 2022

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances hosts 2nd Open Day

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Workshop presentations to propel functionality and efficiency of small business management

From left: Tabatha Tyrell, technical service officer, Jamaica Business Development Corporation; Anand James, director, Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances; Janice Lee, general manager, Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances; and Dania Bennett, technical service officer, Jamaica Business Development Corporation.

Durrant Pate/Contributor

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Limited, Jamaica’s premier supplies of quality flavours and fragrances across the Caribbean, recently held its second edition Open Day dubbed, ‘The Fragrance Edition’ for
consumers and small manufacturers.

The Open Day took the form of a workshop, whereby the various presentations sought to provide information that would not only propel the functionality and efficiency of small business management but
would challenge them to convert their dreams into a sustainable reality. This was complemented by the introduction of new fragrances such as Beautiful Day, Exotic Cashmere and ChestnutWoods.

All special order items can be utilised in the production of a variety of products including air fresheners, candles and soaps, which were demonstrated to attendees and met with increased interaction and
excitement. Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances General Manager, Janice Lee explained the rationale for targeting small businesses.

Targeting small businesses

“We have a commitment to our small entrepreneurs because many of them are in need of guidance to see growth within the industry. The aim of today is to emphasize the importance of properly setting up their business, producing quality products and providing the technical support they need,” Lee shared.

The Caribbean Flavours and Fragrance team poses together after the completion of a successful open day workshop. From left, front: Brittany Walters, Janice Lee, Anand James. From left, back: Rhonde-Gaye Mcpherson, Tyreese Lindsay, Joddian Howard, Alisson Phipps, Janique McKenzie.

Business owners were highly engaged through a targeted presentation from the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), which met the goal of informing attendees of the offerings of the government institution which includes assistance with financial connections, business advising and support as well as an Incubator Centre which is an approved space for manufacturing available at a reasonable cost to business owners.

JBDC Technical Services Officer Dania Bennett told the audience that, “one of the main benefits of the JBDC is that we help owners bring their business from concept to market. Through the provision of an
array of services including business support and product development we try to provide all the services we can towards gearing the business towards a successful outcome.”

Looking at the various sessions

Her presentation was followed up by an interactive discussion between Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Director, Anand James and attendees.

Sample air fresheners on display including original fragrances – Sensational Blue, Sweet Aloe, Pineapple World and Strawberry Vanilla.

James shared his entrepreneurial story and encouraged attendees to be willing to experiment, take risks, make sacrifices and to maintain a willingness to learn.

His session underscored maintaining high quality products, the importance of business ethics and focused on growth of their entrepreneurial skills and the relationships with their customers. Two
captivating demonstrations executed by Business Development Supervisor, Joddian Howard capped off the event day presentations.

CFF Director Anand James (second left) alongside General Manager Janice Lee (second right) sample stocked fragrances with Tabatha Tyrell (left) and Dania Bennett, technical support officers from the JBDC.

She guided the process of creating an air freshener and bar soap from scratch through the use of simple and complex chemicals. Howard conducted the intricate process which would result in the production
of a high quality product that can be achieved in a factory or in the comfort of one’s own home.

Through these presentations and demonstrations Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances saw a successful workshop ending with informed consumers and small business manufacturers now exposed and educated to the various tools and techniques accessible to them to support the effort of growth of their companies.

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Derrimon Trading Group, is the premier supplier of quality flavours and fragrances for beverage, baking, confectionary and ice cream manufacturers across the Caribbean and are also the providers of an assortment of fragrances for household and personal care to local and regional manufacturing companies.