JM | Oct 16, 2021

CCRP donates to Food for the Poor to assist indigent seniors

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CCRP Board Member Warren McDonald (3rd left) and Food for the Poor Executive Director, Operations, Craig Moss-Solomon together hold a cheque signifying the donation of $500,000 in food and personal care items for needy seniors, made by CCRP through Food for the Poor. Also at the recent presentation at the Food for the Poor Jamaica head office in St Catherine, are CCRP Founder and Executive Chair Jean Lowrie-Chin; Deputy Superintendent of Police Natalie Palmer-Mair of Police Community Relations (which will distribute the care items) and Police Constable Chantal Osbourne (right).

Advocacy group for Jamaica’s seniors, CCRP, has again donated J$500.000 to Food for the Poor to assist in the preparation of food and personal care packages for elderly shut-ins. 

The organization made a similar donation through Food for the Poor last year.

The packages will be distributed by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The packages, which were formally handed over on Monday (September 27), include food staples, canned meats, beans, juices, dental care and sanitizingitems. 

Founder and Executive Chairman of CCRP, Jean Lowrie-Chin, thanked theBoard and the membership of the organization for enabling the gift. “

TheCCRP Board Directors were happy to renew this donation to support elderlyshut-ins across the island, some of whom have no means of support and who are facing even greater challenges with the current restrictions” she said.

“We also thank our members for once again making it possible,” she added.

The organization, founded in 2010, now lists over 11,000 members. 

“We at Food for the Poor are very happy to participate in presentations like this one, as we recognize how very difficult and challenging the times are, especially for the aged and the indigent. Donations like this are crucial in helping us to continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our society,” FFPJ Executive Director, Operations, Craig Moss-Solomon stated.

CCRP Board Member Warren McDonald, who formally made the presentationto Food for the Poor, said the organization had no hesitation in renewing the gift.

“We view it as our duty to extend support and assistance to our brothersand sisters in need, and we commend Food for the Poor and the JCF for enabling this activity” 

Deputy Superintendent Natalie Palmer-Mair, Head of the JCF Community Relations Division, who will oversee the distribution, again commended them CCRP.

“Our officers working on the ground are seeing the plight of indigent elderly shut-ins. We are grateful to be a part of this vital outreach and we wholeheartedly thank CCRP and Food for the Poor.”


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