JAM | Feb 12, 2024

Chuck targets 30% reduction in murders for 2024

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck

Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck says Jamaica must strive to achieve at least a 30 per cent reduction in murders this year.

“We need to get at least 30 per cent reduction in murder. Up to last week, we were at a 24 per cent reduction in murder. We must work together with the church, communities, government, and everyone to see how we can exceed a 30 per cent reduction in murder hopefully 50 per cent, ” the justice minister charged.

Chuck, who was speaking at the restorative justice national church service on Saturday, February 10, called for the support of the church in the fight against crime.

“We must take responsibility for the over 1,000 murders we have in Jamaica and I would say church and Pastor Samuels, I will be in touch with President Everett Brown to see how the Seventh-Day Adventist churches can assist Jamaica, not only in removing wrongdoing but in resolving conflicts within families.

“We have approximately 300 murders within families, domestic killings, where parents can’t get along with their children, children are killing parents, and parents are killing children. Brothers and sisters fighting and killing each other. Families fighting over dead leff, approximately 300 murders where the victim and the offender are close family units. This is not how God meant families to grow and develop and we in the churches must assist in doing something,” Chuck lamented.

The justice minister moved to promote restorative justice as an effective means to restore peace in homes and neighbourhoods.

Last year, the country recorded a total of 1,393 murders, which is a 7.8 per cent reduction in murders compared to the previous year.


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