JAM | May 10, 2023

Jamaicans encouraged to get fire extinguishers for cars and homes

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Citizens are being urged to have a fire extinguisher readily available in their motor vehicles and homes, in the event of a fire.

Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) Commissioner Stewart Beckford said that the practice is one which is encouraged as part of the entity’s fire-prevention campaign.

“There are those that are specifically designed – smaller ones – that you can have in your motor vehicle. They are critical because fires generally start small and that is why it is important to have a fire extinguisher, because, with that, you can quickly put out a fire,” Beckford explained.

The commissioner pointed out that motor vehicles are only licensed as taxis if they have a fire extinguisher in them.

Commissioner of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Stewart Beckford. (Photo: JIS)

Beckford, in emphasising the importance of having fire extinguishers in the home, indicated that depending on the size of the building, there should be at least one in a strategic location.

“Persons in the home must be trained in how to utilise this piece of equipment so that, in case there is a fire, they will know exactly what to do,” the commissioner added, noting that it can make the difference between a house being destroyed or saved.

He pointed out that while there are some fire stations, for example in Kingston, located within reasonable proximity to each other, allowing for quick mobilisation, “the fact is, the way homes are now, the way they are constructed and the fuel load that is contained therein” there will be rapid burning if there is a fire.

“So, even if we can get to your house within four or five minutes, sometimes the fires are not discovered until they start to mushroom and grow. If you have an extinguisher and can knock it down early enough, then you will prevent that fire spreading and turning into a large growing fire,” the commissioner stressed.

He informed that the JFB does not sell fire extinguishers; however, they can be purchased from various companies islandwide.

“What we do is we recommend the type that you need to get because there are different types for different fires. So, if you are in doubt, we would encourage you to call your nearest fire station. Let them know what it is that you are doing or the purpose for which you need it,” argued Beckford.


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