Jamaica | Mar 16, 2023

ClickAway: Revolutionising on-demand services in Jamaica

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Since 2022, ClickAway has been levelling up what Jamaicans can expect from on-demand services.

Founded by Tajay Mohan, ClickAway is a mobile app that connects customers with skilled service professionals and providers in plumbing, auto-repair, landscaping, nanny services, legal services and more.

ClickAway’s mission is to provide a convenient and reliable platform that connects customers with service providers while creating employment opportunities for skilled professionals in various industries.

Tajay’s vision is to transform the service industry in Jamaica by simplifying the process of finding and booking service providers and creating a seamless user experience.

Tajay Mohan, founder of ClickAway (Photo: Contributed)

Customers can use the app to browse through various service providers, view their profiles, read reviews from other customers and book appointments at their convenience, and once booked, track the location of their service providers in real-time.

ClickAway is already operational islandwide and Mohan shared with Our Today that the app is for more than connecting service providers with customers. The app also allows young people seeking training and mentorship in various service industries to join ClickAway’s apprenticeship programme.

“In the programme, the apprentice gets paired with a seasoned professional where they can get on-the-job training for a specified period.”

Mohan said that the company has plans to expand into international markets in the near future and the goal is to make people’s lives easier by providing everything they need, one click away.


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