JM | Jun 21, 2022

Concrete solution provides flood relief for Cambridge community

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Caribbean Cement Company Limited Social Impact Specialist, Jerome Cowans (right), engages in discussion with community activist, Andral Doyley (centre) during a recent visit to the community of Cambridge in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay St Thomas where the cement company installed a concrete solution. At left is farmer Ian Barrett.

With the hurricane season now under way, the farming community of Cambridge in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay, St Thomas, is expressing gratitude to Caribbean Cement Company Limited for installing a concrete pavement that will help alleviate flooding.

Ian Barrett, who has resided in the community for more than 30 years, said the concrete roadway will assist in channelling the large volume of water caused from heavy rains.

“We have to ‘big up’ Carib Cement, we are more than grateful to them. Some of the other residents from the community sometimes cannot even pass further along the road because mud comes into the road, and they have to turn back. This will be of tremendous help. Getting this concrete road will help to move plenty of water,” he said.

A section of the community of Cambridge in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay St. Thomas damaged by heavy rains late last year.

He continued that the concrete solution would also help to alleviate a dust nuisance.

Barrett, who has also been a livestock and crop farmer for more than 10 years, indicated that the concrete pavement will help farmers to transport goods more efficiently to the market.

Adding his own voice of gratitude to Carib Cement, community activist Andral Doyley welcomed the new concrete development.

A section of the community of Cambridge in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay St. Thomas with the newly installed concrete solution.

“We have made a lot of calls (for roads) and they have gone unanswered. This will help to eliminate a lot of hazards, for example the flooding. Previously, when you walk on the muddy road you would slide or sprain a foot,” he said.

Completed recently, the 75-square metre concrete pavement is part of a series of concrete solutions installed by Carib Cement in various sections of the community.

For his part, Carib Cement Company Social Impact Specialist Jerome Cowans noted that the company is committed to building communities that enable citizens to have a better standard of living.


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