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JM | Oct 7, 2021

Considering breast reduction surgery? Here’s what you need to know

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Before and after photographs of a breast reduction surgery patient. (Photo: Dr Franklin Rose MD)

By Ategie Edwards

Whoever said it was easy living with big busts obviously does not have them.

Women with very large breasts suffer from a myriad of issues including back and neck pains, limited clothing
options, difficulty exercising and even shoulder grooves from a tight bra strap. With these issues, it’s no wonder large busted women not only consider but actually go through with breast reduction surgery to make their lives a lot easier, more comfortable and less stressful.

Have you thought about getting breast reduction surgery? Not sure how to go about it?

Our Today spoke with Plastic Surgeon and Burn Therapist Robert Palacio Reyes, in house plastic surgeon at the Windsor Wellness Centre, who shared with us important information for women looking to do breast reduction surgery.

Robert Palacio Reyes, in house plastic surgeon at the Windsor Wellness Centre.

What do I need to consider before going under the knife?

-Firstly you may not get the exact cup size you desire
-You may lose some sensitivity in your breast
-Be prepared for prolonged recovery period
-Your scars may never disappear
-Speak with your insurance company about coverage on the surgery
-Most women are pleased with their results, but it is not always guaranteed

What are the requirements for breast reduction surgery?

– You must be at least 18 years or older and no more than 55 years old
– You should not be a user of nicotine products
– You should not be suffering from bleeding or clotting medical conditions
– Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

How should I prepare for the surgery?

– Get preoperative testing (these are a set of tests done before your operation to provide
information about possible conditions you may have for needed treatments)
-Refrain from smoking and lose excessive weight
– Seek medical leave
– Make future plans for limited mobility post-surgery
– Purchase a sports bra
– Cease taking some medications

What should I expect after the surgery?

You can expect that there will be a lengthy recovery time. The question of being able to breastfeed also frequently arises. Whether or not you are able to breastfeed post-surgery is based on the extent of the procedure. Women who undergo a significant reduction have a limited chance of being able to breastfeed as most of the breast tissue that is removed contains milk ducts that contribute to milk production.

Within a few days after the surgery, it is normal to experience pain and discomfort. After a few weeks, the stitches will be removed and it is possible that you may be able to return to work.

However, if you experience any pain or swelling during the first few weeks it is important that you seek medical attention. After about a month, most women experience almost a full recovery. During this time, the breasts will begin to feel more natural.


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