JM | Mar 12, 2023

Correction and Apology

/ Our Today

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In reference to the article entitled ‘WATCH- Defence attorneys speak out as accused women face court in Sagicor fraud case’ published on the Our Today website on February 23, 2023, we would like to make it clear that the uncaptioned pictures in no way were meant to connote that the women featured are defence attorneys or accused in the Sagicor fraud case concerning Alysia Moulton White.

The photographs were taken by our photographer as subjects in close proximity to the defendants and defence attorneys on the day of the court appearance.

The first pictured woman has revealed herself to be a law student watching proceedings and to Our Today’s understanding has no connection to the case.

We do apologise for any confusion caused by her picture being present in the article and regret any unintended associations made.


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