JAM | Sep 18, 2023

Councillor hopeful says local reps must be proactive to ensure economic success at community level

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Krisho Holmes, the standard-bearer for the upcoming parochial election for Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the Waterford Division, is urging local government representatives to take a more deliberate approach to ensuring that Jamaica’s macroeconomic successes are experienced by all residents.

Holmes expressed concern over the limited scope of beautification programmes led by the Portmore Municipal Corporation, emphasising the need for bold and innovative initiatives at the local level. “When was the last time a resolution was sent to the Parliament representing the voices of Portmore residents? There is more that can be done at the local level to improve the lives of constituents; we just have to think bolder and be more innovative,” said Holmes.

Having been announced as the JLP candidate for the Waterford Division on Sunday, September 10, during the JLP’s Gospel Concert in South West St Catherine, Holmes pledged to be deliberate in his actions if elected to represent the residents of Waterford in the upcoming local government election. He is determined to ensure that the local economy within his division aligns with the national economic policy.

While acknowledging potential backlash for his remarks, Holmes emphasised that local government representatives in Portmore must take a more proactive role in fostering economic development.

“A healthy and stable economy starts locally and then expands nationally to contribute to the whole. What the local representatives have been doing is waiting for the central government to act and then hoping for a trickle-down effect. We must be more deliberate to ensure the benefits are felt locally,” he added.


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