JAM | May 25, 2023

Court orders Andrea Gordon to pay J$119M plus legal fees for FID and NCB

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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Financial Investigations Division (FID) on Wednesday (May 24), against former National Commercial Bank (NCB) senior manager, Andrea Gordon.

The court issued a Forfeiture Order amounting to J$119,125,500.88 and a Pecuniary Penalty Order (PPO) of J$720,000 against Gordon.

Gordon had previously been convicted in 2021 and sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for multiple offenses, including three counts of ‘Access with intent to commit an offense’ under the Cybercrime Act, three counts of ‘Larceny as a servant’ under the Larceny Act, and seven counts of ‘Engaging in a transaction involving criminal property’ under the Proceeds of Crime Act (Money Laundering).

Forensic examiners from the FID conducted thorough investigations, revealing that Gordon’s fraudulent activities extended beyond J$119 million.

The funds were unlawfully transferred from the bank in an unauthorized and improper manner. Acknowledging the compelling financial evidence against her, Gordon formally accepted responsibility through court documents filed on her behalf.

The Forfeiture Order pertains to a property owned by Gordon in Havendale, St. Andrew. Simultaneously, the Pecuniary Penalty Order involves the proceeds from a motor vehicle owned by Gordon during the period of her fraudulent activities, spanning from January 2017 to May 2020. In addition to these penalties, the court has also ordered Gordon to cover the legal fees incurred by the FID and NCB.

The FID emphasizes its commitment to impartially applying the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) through the judicial system. Their goal is to strip criminals of any ill-gotten wealth, regardless of their position, and where appropriate, provide restitution to the victims of crime. In this case, the victim is NCB.


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