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Crystal Evans, the storyteller from Grange Hill

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Crystal Evans

Little known storyteller Crystal Evans, from Grange Hill, Westmoreland, has never sought fame.

Evans maintains on her personal blog that she started writing to give herself a voice.

Her voice gets louder everyday as she is currently one of the all-time bestselling independent authors locally.

She is also a consistent bestselling author on Amazon, with most of her books ranking in the top 10 for the Caribbean.

Evans was raised in a single-parent home, headed by her father.

Spending her childhood rotating among her father, grandmother and paternal aunt, she credits much of the inspiration for her stories from growing up in the hinterlands of Westmoreland.

“My stories are me, my neighbours, my friends, strangers, imaginative characters, my aunts, my cousins, my sisters, my classmates,” said the Manning’s School graduate.

“We all have similar experiences and my stories are realistic and relatable!”

A top scholar who has received a number of awards in external and Caribbean examinations, Evans believes that you can become what you want if you want it enough.

“You will face disappointments and failures,” she acknowledged.

“But you just have to get up and try again! As long as you have life, you have a chance at your goals. Just keep working at it for what doesn’t happen in 10 years can happen in a year. Just have to keep working and moving and pushing.

“Sometimes it will be you alone. Sometimes people won’t understand your goals, but keep working at it. You will come to learn that people underestimating you, does work to your advantage sometimes. So you can work in the shadows and hone your craft.”

Evans wants to ultimately succeed as a businesswoman.

She is the owner of a freelancing agency and call centre interface.

Crystal Evans

Evans is also a registered CARICOM publisher, professional blogger and business consultant.

“We live in a world where we have opportunities available to us due to the mechanism of the internet that was not afforded to our fore parents,” she said.

“There is no greater time to see your dreams become a reality. Find your niche. There is a space for everyone, and what you have been dreaming of might just be what the world needs.”

Evans hopes to make a few of her bestselling novels into movies and get them featured on major streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu.


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