Jamaica | Feb 21, 2023

C&W Jamaica hosts financial planning seminar for its B2B team

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Businesses worldwide continue to recognise that empowering employees to meet their personal goals yields higher levels of engagement and commercial success.

Recognising the importance of employee empowerment, Flow Business and C&W Business recently hosted a financial planning seminar for its teams in collaboration with Scotiabank.

The session was characterised by excitement, anticipation and good fun as the bank’s leading advisors shared critical guidance with attendees.

The full-day workshop delved into insurance, investing, mortgages and estate planning matters. Additionally, the team members received expert advice on how to use credit wisely and were sensitised about the importance of having both a living will and a last will and testament.

The day also included a refresher course on cyber security courtesy of Delroy McLean, senior director for enterprise, government and products. 

McLean had attendees riveted to their seats as he outlined how hackers gain access to the bank accounts of unsuspecting individuals. He then provided tips on how to bank online safely.   

For Sales Engineer, Camalo Rhoden, the presentations were informative, interesting, and the perfect way for the team to start the year.

“The hacking and data protection session was very impactful. I also enjoyed the session on the types of mortgages that individuals can access,” Rhoden shared.

Tanisha Davis, senior manager, business-to-business customer care, has already started putting what she learned during the session into practice.

“There were many financial nuggets and there was information that every one of us could relate to and put into practice. I am happy that I attended as the session was definitely an eye-opener for me in some areas. Sessions like these show that our employer cares about us, not just the bottom line,” she said.

The session was the brainchild of Rochell Myers, director of C&W Business and Flow Business.

“We are blessed with a hardworking and dedicated team in B2B. Our people are our greatest assets; through their hard work, we reap success year after year. This session was our way of empowering them by improving their financial literacy,” Myers outlined.

She added that she was thrilled with the turnout and the positive feedback from the team. The session is the first in the B2B’s Vision 2023 Empowerment series, which will comprise 12 monthly sessions catering to the team’s holistic wellness.


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