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D-Major feeling good about ‘She Nah Give It Away’ single

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Reggae crooner D-Major is feeling quite optimistic about his latest single, She Nah Give It Away, the video for which dropped late last week.

The song about a man’s faith that his woman is not cheating was produced by Kabaka Pyramind’s Bebble Rock Music and is expected to resonate with the singer’s core fans, especially those in his usual stomping grounds in Europe and Africa.


“It’s a magical song, one of those that I know my core fan base will love. They love hearing me sing those one-drops, especially in Europe and Africa. These songs catch like wildfire for me in those territories,” said D-Major, who revealed that something about the riddim made him click.

“The mystical part about the music is that sometimes I never know what I am going to write about. It’s not a personal experience or anything but the chorus is what hit me first and then we just jumped out with it.”

She Nah Give It Away was two years in the making, D-Major revealed, even though Kabaka had only reached out to him in February.

“I was contacted in February but I was already familiar with the riddim. About two years ago, me, Chris Martin and Jah Cure went to The Bahamas and while in-flight we were listening to the riddim. I think it was Chris who had the riddim, so he had the riddim from then,” D-Major recalled.

“Kabaka has been working on this Victory Rock project for the last two years so when he contacted me in February, immediately I recognised the riddim and it was magic how the song came to me. He sent me a DM on Instagram and asked for my email and he sent me the riddim. So I guess he had the vision and knew that this was one of my stronger areas, these kind of Lovers’ Rock riddims. It was a beautiful energy.”

In the absence of touring because of COVID-imposed travel restrictions, D-Major has kept himself busy these past 18 months by writing and recording which has helped him maintain his creative energy. He also took time to start his own label.


“I started my label last year called Antilouvian, derived from the word antediluvian. Grainy, the security guard at Big Yard, used to call me Antilouvian and I never understood so one day I decided to Google it,” he said.

“The correct word, however, is antediluvian and why he called me that, was because of my height. These antediluvian people were tall. They were beings before Christ so he taught me something right there, and for my label I needed a name that nobody, no one else had, and I was 100 per cent certain that no one else had that name.

“So Antilouvian label was started and the first single I produced was the Something New cover with Busy Signal and it’s doing well. We did a video with the same Warrior Films Ja that did She Nah Give It Away for Kabaka, so we have good chemistry. He also did That’s What Love’s About and Girl of My Dreams, those two songs that did well in Africa.

She Nah Give It Away is definitely following that pattern and is looking to be an even stronger single than those in the European and African territories. When I do songs like these they just go crazy over them so that’s how I have been staying creative by writing, recording and experimenting.”


D-Major also recently released Go Crazy with ZJ Liquid, a spin-off of the Chris Brown’s song of the same name, and that was produced by Marlon Easy.

“Radio has been playing it a lot,” he said.

The singer said the recent news regarding the re-opening of the entertainment industry is good and, frankly, he can’t wait to get to performing once more.

“I am looking forward to getting back on stage and performing some of these songs. I think that is what most (fans) lack; the interaction and performance that really carries them to another level. I’m glad things are moving in that direction. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, finally!”


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