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Demand for Huawei Cloud service growing quickly in Latin America and Caribbean

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Senior executives say the demand for Huawei Cloud service has been growing fast in Latin America and the Caribbean, making it one of the top four Cloud service providers in the region.

Speaking to reporters from Latin America and the Caribbean in an online press conference, the executives said that the Huawei Cloud business grew by more than 50 percent in 2022, thanks to its concept of innovating and offering everything as a service.

“In Latin America, Huawei Cloud has three core Regions and the most AZs (availability zones). In the second half of this year, we will launch new AZs in Brazil, Mexico, and Chile. By then, Huawei Cloud will have 11 AZs in Latin America,” says Fernando Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Latin America.

The press conference happened during the COMPASS, an event organized by Huawei Cloud Latin America in China so that the guests from the region can interact with people from the information technology industry in China.

Fernando Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Latin America at the Huawei Cloud Summit. (Photo: Contributed)

Huawei Cloud now has 1,400 local partners and 5,000 customers in the region. Senior executives at the company said that the unique value of Huawei Cloud is its being “accessible, innovative, trusted, and globalized”.

KooVerse, its unified global infrastructure, allows global customers to access services on Huawei Cloud in just 50ms.

Huawei Cloud has released industry-tailored solutions for e-commerce, FinTech, media and entertainment, and online education. These solutions are expected to bring in new experiences, efficiency, and models for customers in the region, says Liu.

William Dong, Head of Huawei Cloud Marketing, says that Huawei Cloud also has a strength in its cloud-native capabilities. As an advocate and pioneer of cloud-native technologies, Huawei Cloud held a special event for the Latin America Branch of the Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC) during the COMPASS summit.

“Cloud native will be the new oil to fuel the local digital economy. More and more enterprises will build and grow their services on the cloud. Through Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC), Huawei Cloud will partner with industry organizations such as CNCF to present Latin American enterprises the latest technologies, best practices, and industry trends, with the aim to enable more new cloud-native enterprises,” Dong says.

Keith Chan, CNCF Regional Director, shared his insights into the cloud native industry, and technical professionals from China and Latin America had in-depth exchanges on their practices. As a global technical community for cloud-native, CNEC is expected to bring in new momentum to advance cloud native in Latin America.

The COMPASS summit also brings together more than 200 stakeholders in the industry roundtables and workshops themed “Consumer and IT Services All on Cloud” and “Huawei Cloud SRE”, with an eye on how companies in the region can use cloud technologies to accelerate digital development and innovation.


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