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JAM | Dec 6, 2023

Dexta Daps Trilogy Tour: Three nights of unforgettable performances

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The Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre was ablaze with energy on Friday night after dancehall sensation, Dexta Daps, took to the stage to launch the highly anticipated ‘Trilogy Tour’.

The Trilogy Tour was held on the weekend, starting on Friday night in Kingston, with the second staging and third staging scheduled for Pearly Beach in St Ann and Waves Beach in Negril, respectively.

The first leg of the tour got off to a great start, resulting in echoing cheers and screams that reverberated throughout the night. The night, filled with electrifying performances and star-studded collaborations, left the audience wanting more, as the event was unfortunately abruptly ended by Police Officers at 2 a.m.

Before setting the stage on fire with his chart-topping hits, Dexta Daps took a moment to express gratitude to the event’s biggest and leading sponsor, Campari, for their unwavering support. The collaboration between Dexta Daps and Campari added an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling night.

“The Dexta Daps Trilogy Tour was not just a concert. It was a celebration of music and the vibrant spirit of our community. He is absolutely loved, especially among the ladies, so this collaboration was a good one for us both. The positive feedback we’ve received from supporters has been overwhelming, and I am genuinely humbled by the warm reception,” Mark Telfer, brand manager for Campari, said.

“It was a well-executed partnership that resonated with our audience, Campari and Dexta Daps together, definitely elevated the concert experience and delivered something truly special,” he said.

The Bring It To The Owner singer, who is a true crowd favourite, wasted no time in delivering a performance that had the audience screaming out the lyrics to his many hit singles. The dancehall sensation not only pleased the crowd, but also showcased his generosity by introducing new acts to grace the stage during the earlier part of his performance.

The highlight of the first leg of the tour came when Dexta Daps was joined on stage by dancehall legends Cham and Bounty Killer. The trio performed their hit single Slow Motion, captivating the audience with their dynamic stage presence, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The excitement reached a fever pitch as Bounty Killer and Cham engaged in a song-versus-song clash, throwing out their earlier hits back to back, much to the delight of the crowd as they couldn’t get enough of the thrilling showdown between these dancehall legends.

Adding to the star-studded line-up were other talented entertainers, including Geo Lyrical, Dyani, Rytikal, Chevaughn, and various other dancehall acts. Each artiste brought their unique flair to the stage, contributing to the overall success of the event. This grand experience and comradery among the artistes transcended throughout all the stops made during the tour.

The Dexta Daps Trilogy Tour proved to be an unforgettable experience, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next installment of this sensational musical journey.


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