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Digicel Guyana rolls out new subsea fibre-optic cable amid 17th anniversary celebration

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Digicel Guyana is starting to roll out its newest subsea fibre-optic cable called ‘Deep Blue One,’ which recently arrived in the South American Caribbean territory.

The roll-out of the technology is part of Digicel’s 17th anniversary celebration, declared Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deonarine Gopaul, who told reporters at a press conference earlier this week that the new system should be live at the end of April.

According to him, “All the capacity needs for data for Guyana as a country combined… we can accommodate the traffic for the next 25 to 30 years. So the future of Digicel Guyana is secured, the future of Guyana as a country is secured through Deep Blue One.”

Higher data speed

Gopaul reported that with the new fibre-optic cable, customers will be provided with higher speeds of data, noting that the existing fibre covers only Georgetown currently. However, the Guyanese operation of Digicel is working to expand the company’s footprint to other areas.

The Digicel CEO thanked the company’s customers for their support over the last 17 years and assured that the service provided will only get better.

Deonarine Gopaul, chief executive of Digicel Guyana.

“We are successful because of our customers, we are successful because of your push back, because of your demand for quality service is what makes us better, so we want to say thank you very much to every single customer and partners that has made us this successful,” Gopaul told the Guyanese media.

In celebrating its 17th anniversary on February 14, Digicel Guyana, as part of its many activities to observe the milestone, used the occasion to launch its ‘‘17 millionaires in 17 days” promotion. Digicel’s communications manager, Gabriella Chapman, told reporters that 17 lucky Digicel customers will be gifted GUY$1m on each day of the promotion, starting last Thursday.

Digicel making 17 millionaires

Customers who top-up with GUY$1,000 and every GUY$1,000 top-up gives them one entry into a draw for that millionaire for 17 days straight days. In addition, Digicel Guyana is offering customers 40 per cent off selected Samsung Galaxy handsets at any Digicel store across the country.

(Photo: Facebook @brimarkphillips)

Additionally, Chapman said that Digicel will spend GUY$17 million this year on community projects. One of the projects she identified is the rehabilitation of the Mahaica Girls’ Home, a home gifted by Digicel to the government.

Further, 17 families in need will receive hampers from Digicel while 17 pets will be adopted from the Rosewood Foundation, which will also benefit from the telecoms. It will also give back to 17 schools across Guyana.


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