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Digicel supports local gaming community at AnimeCom Festival

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Head dance coordinator of presenting sponsor the Valkyries of Arcadia, Hasari Uchiha, strikes a pose by the Digicel-branded booth at the 2022 AnimeCom Festival in Kingston.

Online gamers and Anime fans are welcoming the involvement of Digicel through the digital operator’s support for the all-women gaming team, known as The Valkyries of Arcadia.

The group, known for wowing E-sports audiences, is among the hottest names in local online gaming. They showcased their competitive skills at the AnimeCom Festival held recently in Kingston.

The two-day multi-genre convention celebrates the arts, pop culture and cultural diversity.

AnimeCom Festival Master of Ceremonies gives a sneak peek of her costume coming to life.

Valkyries forms part of the Empire Arcadia eSports brand and team, with an international brand membership base extending throughout Jamaica, the United States, and Ghana.

“We are extremely excited about bringing the joy and thrill of E-sports to everyone in Jamaica,” said Carla Hollingsworth, brand marketing manager, in highlighting the partnership.

Hollingsworth added: “We recognise and appreciate the gaming industry’s potential in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This is why we have invested heavily in providing superfast LTE and fibre speeds to give gamers uninterrupted playtime and a seamless user experiences to match that of their international counterparts.”

Patrons at the 2022 AnimeCom Festival are in full cosplay mode, showing off their costumes.

This is Digicel’s most recent display of support for the ever-evolving gaming industry, which supports and inspires the work of local creators, while unifying fans and the sector.

Giving a breakdown of the growth of the local gaming industry, Wayne Benjamin, CEO of The Lab Video Game TV, said: “The industry has come a long way since The Lab’s inception in 2003. We are a small island, but I have seen the evolution over the years – we now have an international e-Sports team, multiple local game developers, and more people are streaming their gameplay online.”

Isaiah’ Triforce’ Johnson, CEO and founder of Empire Arcadia and director of the Valkyries of Arcadia, noted that online gaming has evolved into a billion-dollar global industry.

To enable its growth in Jamaica, Johnson welcomed Digicel’s support.

“The gaming industry in Jamaica is massive, but it can’t go anywhere without a solid internet provider. For over five years, gamers have been streaming in Jamaica using Digicel’s LTE service. Digicel is always here for the gaming industry,” he said.

These twins gave the lens a view of their detailed costumes at the 2022 AnimeComFestival.

At the Digicel-powered booth, there were games, tournaments and other activities for Anime lovers to indulge in, including dance competitions and COLOR SWITCH tournaments with cash prizes of up to $100,000. Patrons also flocked the booth and to get exclusive the Valkyries-branded merchandise.

Hollingsworth concluded: “We love the competitive spirit and camaraderie associated with the gaming industry, and by supporting them, we are showing our long-term commitment to building communities through meaningful partnerships.”

AnimeCom Festival is the only local event of this nature. It aims to inspire local creators while bringing fans and the industry together through animation, comics, gaming, cosplay, art, film, authors, vendors, guests, panels, exhibits, competitions and performances.


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