USA | Jan 26, 2023

Doja Cat shows up for Schiaparelli covered in 30,000 crystals

Zemelyah Shaw

Zemelyah Shaw / Our Today

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Paris Fashion Week returned with its 2023 Spring/Summer Collection this week, running from January 23-26.

Doja Cat, the American writer/producer/singer, attended the Schiaparelli haute couture as a part of Paris Fashion Week and, with all the beautiful ensembles present, she surely turned heads with a reported 30,000 crystals and blood red paint covering her body. 

Parts of the tedious and lengthy process were recorded in a YouTube video for Vogue France. The outfit, comprised of a corseted top with a beaded skirt, alongside a very unique choice of heels. The artiste was painted red all over, covered in glitter and then had the crystals placed one by one by her team. The process reportedly took around five hours to complete.

Doja Cat is known for her recent branching out into different styles and fashion senses and it has surely created a stir within the public.

From the shaving of her hair and eyebrows, her highly unique makeup styles to her now unconventional and unexpected fashion decisions, the artiste has been one to look out for in the eyes of the public. She is sure to always give the unexpected and, while some love it, others are quite skeptical of her recent decisions.

Many fans support her path as it represents her stepping into her own individualism within the industry.

“To me, Doja Cat’s red Schiaparelli look was a huge step into a perfect world where we can make fashion for fashion’s sake and not beauty’s sake – deconstructing and removing useless beauty standards from today’s society.”

While others aren’t as supportive of the choice of design, many related her newfound style to the industry and the unseen influence it has on seemingly most people in it. Many persons are making note of the symbolism behind her outfits, events and behaviours- blaming it on the ‘demonic’ organisations that operate in the industry.

Despite all the speculation and allegations, Doja continues to dive deeper into the world of fashion and makeup in the way she sees fit.


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