USA | Oct 14, 2020

Keep rocking that beard, Donald Trump Jnr

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Donald Trump Junior, throwing out ‘MAGA’ hats to supporters on the campaign trail for his father, Donald Trump Snr’s re-election. (Photo:

By Al Edwards

Executive Vice President and the eldest child of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Jr., sat down with his father at the White House for an interview for his podcast ‘Triggered’. And it was a good one too. For someone who is not a media professional, his pacing and comportment was not bad at all.

As a Father’s Day Special, the love between father and son was evident but that didn’t mean Don Jr. used the occasion to offer up softballs to his father. The best question posed to the president all year: “ Do you understand irony and how it works?”

The questions ranged from the Drew Brees situation, BLM protests, Donald Trump Sr’s depiction on SNL, Joe Biden’s competence and even what is the real story on aliens in Roswell. The President played that one with a straight bat and didn’t give anything away! Don Jr asked his father, “Who has the better beard”, himself, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. He did make the point that during this time of COVID-19 lockdown many guys have decided to go with a beard. President Trump was not taken with his son’s beard and at one stage quipped, “Get rid of it!”


But Don Jr’s beard looks good, it gives him a frisson of masculinity and counterbalances his boyish looks with gravitas. It’s a dark beard that has not yet turned salt-and-pepper and complements his full head of dark hair.

His angular face with the manicured beard gives him a look of a Macedonian prince a la 320 BC.

With a little Beardbrand to give it that sheen and look of vitality, Don Jr. can wear it well.

Keep the beard my man!


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