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Economist Etel Williams unleashes students’ infinite potential with Econ Infinity

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today


Economist Etel Williams is the perfect definition of ‘creating your own path for success’. The young entrepreneur in 2020, developed and executed his brain child, Econ Infinity, and shared how instrumental God has been in his plans.

Econ Infinity is now known as a space for secondary students to learn Mathematics and Economics at CSEC and CAPE levels.

Etel Williams, owner and operator of Econ Infinity.

Williams stated that creating his own company has always been among his plans. He shared that the average Jamaican usually says “Mi waan own a business”, so, with hearing that so often, naturally that was a goal for him as well, despite not knowing what he would do.

Etel Williams, CEO, economist and teacher.

The former Postgraduate Chairman of the UWI, Mona Guild of Students, shared that the idea for his business started from a simple question a friend had asked – “Weh yuh like do?”

Williams, who is known to be quite the conversationalist, shared with Our Today that he likes explaining and he finds joy in telling stories.

Williams teaching one of his many classes

Some time after, he had another discussion with a friend, who shared how proud he felt to be able to purchase a ‘box food’ with his own money from teaching. From this conversation, Williams identified the most ideal way he could explain and share stories that would be beneficial to others – teaching!

Not to mention he already had three years worth of experience in the field.

Econ Infinity, since its inception, has been doing very well. Word of mouth, especially, has helped the business to grow, as students who have enrolled in the class along with their parents share their fruitful experience with others who tend to join classes as a result.

Williams has also amassed friendships in the teaching environment from his voluntary work at various secondary schools. These friends have in turn been very supportive of his business. With that, his client base has seen gradual growth. The testimonials from students have proven how effective Econ Infinity is and the style of teaching that Williams and his team bring to the table.

Testimonial from Econ Infinity student

Given the limitations of the pandemic, Williams tries his best to make the online platform as conducive to learning as possible, which has not proven difficult, given his naturally jovial and humorous personality. Learning becomes fun and easy and he also pulls on real life experiences to make the content more relatable as he utilises patois to make his classes more interesting.

Etel Williams Econ Infinity session

Juggling a 9 – 5 as a professional economist at Jamaica’s Central Bank, and operating his very own business, Williams proves that any young person can defy the odds. He is evidence that nothing is impossible!

He also shared that you can’t accomplish anything alone, stating that his entire journey has been built on the foundation of God. He also highlighted the hard work of his team members including teachers, Eugenia Collins, Rajauni Edwards, Jonmarc Young, David Morgan, Rajiv Gingoor and his graphic and video designer Miguel Jackson. The economist hopes to one day expand his business from a local level to regional.

EconInfinity Flyer (Design – Miguel Jackson)

For more information on classes in Mathematics, Pure Math or Economics, interested persons can visit or contact Econ Infinity at its social media platforms.

Instagram – @econ_ifinity

Facebook – @econ infinity

WhatsApp – 876 – 418 – 6913


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