JAM | May 5, 2023

Educon-Care initiative addresses social issues plauging Rhodes Hall High School

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This vibrant team packed a powerful punch as they tackled various issues during the spirited session at Rhodes Hall High School. (Photos: Contributed)

Sandals Negril, in collaboration with the National Council on Drug Abuse and the Green Island Police Station, recently visited the Rhodes Hall High School in Orange Bay, Hanover to address the societal issues that have been plaguing the school community.

The team of twelve established its presence at the school as part of an organised effort to tackle the upsurge in student absenteeism, indiscipline, violent behaviour, and substance abuse that have become increasingly urgent, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Sandals Negril’s Public Relations Manager, Jennese White, is keen on expressing her passion for the social intervention programme as she addresses the Rhodes Hall High School student body.

The Educon-Care Initiative, as the intervention program is dubbed, was brought to life by spirited presentations from the Sandals Negril entertainment team.

Various partners engaged the attentive student body in stimulating schools of thought, discussing critical issues including the repercussions of deviant behavior and drug abuse as well as the long-term consequences of truancy in detail. The momentum was sustained as the student population showed a high level of investment.

Substance Abuse Officer, Orain Ruddock, warns against the use of drugs and alcohol, and implores students to consider the consequences of abusing same.

Inspector Mervin Hodges from the Green Island Police Station and Substance Abuse Officer for Westmoreland, Orain Rudduck, both lauded the collective effort and expressed that the students stand to greatly benefit from the intervention. The students, too, are hopeful that change will spring forth as a result of the social intervention program.

“This initiative is definitely a step in the right direction,” commented Hodges, “it will surely have a positive impact on the school and the community at large.”

Damian Williams, assistant security, loss and prevention manager, engages students in a hearty discussion on the repercussions of violent crimes and behaviours.

Future sessions, which will be geared towards education, conflict resolution, career development, and community contribution, are slated to take place over the course of the next several months.

Sandals Negril has made a commitment to continue its involvement in the school’s rehabilitation process, having created meaningful connections with the student and staff faculty. With high hopes of new beginnings for the institution, this partnership could be the beginning of positive transformation for the school and the wider community.


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